GSP returns to UFC with insane Bisping choke

Georges St-Pierre has marked his much-hyped return to the Octagon with a stunning victory over Michael Bisping to claim the middleweight title at UFC 217.

GSP rocked Bisping with a roundhouse kick to the head in the opening round, with the Canadian beginning the more impressive of the two fighters.

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The second round began in a more cautious manner with neither fighter seemingly willing to open themselves up to a counter-attack.

GSP did manage to get Bisping onto the canvas as he tried to tighten the screws with his grappling superiority but the Briton got back to his feet and managed to land a couple of solid punches to the head.

The Canadian took Bisping to the canvas right at the start of the third round, mixing grappling with shots to the exposed face of the Brit.

Try as he might though, GSP was unable to really penetrate Bisping's impressive defence as both fighters once again took to their feet to resume the enthralling contest.

St-Pierre took out the title on his much-hyped return. Pic: Getty

Bisping was clearly tired though and GSP managed to stun him with a brutal left hook that sent the champion back down to the canvas.

From there, St-Pierre went in for the kill, following a flurry of forearms to the head with a technical brilliant rear-naked choke that put Bisping to sleep.

The former welterweight champion walked away in his prime with a 25-2 record, and it is a measure of his popularity that he was given an immediate title shot in his comeback at Madison Square Garden.

The Canadian certainly didn't disappoint.