Nick Kyrgios and Stan Wawrinka 'had to be separated' over girlfriend sledge

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Nick Kyrgios, pictured here alongside Stan Wawrinka and Donna Vekic.
Nick Kyrgios infamously sledged Stan Wawrinka about girlfriend Donna Vekic. Image: Getty

The former director of the Canadian Open has revealed previously unheard details of the moments after Nick Kyrgios' infamous sledge towards Stan Wawrinka at the event in 2015.

In one of the most unsavoury on-court incidents in recent tennis history, Kyrgios said to Wawrinka "Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend" during a change of ends.

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Wawrinka was dating fellow tennis player Donna Vekic at the time, with Kyrgios referring to doubles partner and good friend Thanasi Kokkinakis.

The incident sparked a major scandal at the time and resulted in Kyrgios being fined $35,000.

But Eugene Lapierre, who was the tournament director at the Canadian Open at the time, has now revealed what went down behind the scenes after the match.

Wawrinka reportedly didn't hear the sledge at the time, but was left incensed when told about it during a post-match press conference.

According to Lapierre, Wawrinka immediately left the press conference to confront Kyrgios in the locker room.

“Wawrinka hadn’t heard, but Kyrgios’ comments were on TV because of the microphones on the court,” Lapierre told Journal de Quebec.

Donna Vekic and Stan Wawrinka, pictured here in New York in 2016.
Donna Vekic and Stan Wawrinka in New York in 2016. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images for ATP)

“In a press conference, a journalist informed him of what had been said. Wawrinka was furious. It’s like he just lost face in front of everyone.

"He quickly went down to the locker room, where Kyrgios was still. They had to be separated, because it risked degenerating quickly.”

Wawrinka later lashes out on social media, stating Kyrgios' comments were something he “would not say to my worst enemy”.

“To stoop so low is not only unacceptable but also beyond belief,” he wrote.

“So disappointing to see a fellow athlete and colleague be so disrespectful in a way I could never even imagine.”

Stan Wawrinka and Nick Kyrgios, pictured here at the Dubai Tennis Championships in 2016.
Stan Wawrinka and Nick Kyrgios at the Dubai Tennis Championships in 2016. (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

Nick Kyrgios' ugly spat with Stan Wawrinka

When asked afterwards why he made the comment, Kyrgios replied: "He was getting a bit lippy with me.

"Kind of in the heat of the moment. I don't know. I just said it."

Kyrgios' brother Christos later suggested he would have attacked Wawrinka if he was in the locker room at the time of the confrontation.

“The p***k is lucky I wasn’t there or he would have been withdrawing from the next few tournaments,” Christos wrote on Facebook.

“He put his hands on Nick - grabbed him and said a whole bunch of abusive s***. I’ve studied law and that s*** is abuse bro. Lucky we aren’t pressing charges.”

Kyrgios later issued a public apology and was booed by fans the next time he played in Montreal.

He has played Wawrinka four times since the incident, with the Swiss veteran holding a 3-2 edge over the Australian.

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