Benji made to pull excruciating radio prank by his wife

Benji Marshall has been forced to pull an extremely awkward prank by his wife Zoe.

Marshall, who's currently recovering from a fractured wrist, appeared on his wife's Nova radio show, when he was asked to call up a flower shop to order a pretty bunch.

The challenge from his wife however was to get the expensive order for free - because he plays for the Brisbane Broncos.

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Marshall is clearly uncomfortable as he asks for the handout.

"Mate I was just wondering if I could get that for free - I play rugby league for the Brisbane Broncos," Marshall says with a grimace on his face.

It is unclear whether or not Marshall's prank ends up working, but it seems like we could soon be seeing more of these cringeworthy scenes as Zoe plans to get Benji on the show more often.

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