'So vile': Andrew Johns' ex-wife fumes over Erin Molan saga

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Andrew Johns’ ex-wife has spoken out about the ongoing saga surrounding Erin Molan and her former husband, condemning the ‘vile’ treatment of Molan.

Cathrine Mahoney took to social media on Saturday to defend Molan in the face of some shocking criticism from rugby league fans after reports Johns quit his role on Friday night footy after falling out with Molan.

‘SHUT IT DOWN’: Andrew Johns called out over Erin Molan 'feud'

Mahoney met Molan in 2007 when they worked together at Channel Nine and said she’s “honoured to call her a friend”.

“She was then, and is now incredibly researched, hardworking, thorough, intelligent, thoughtful, caring, compassionate, smart and bloody hardworking,” Mahoney wrote.

“It’s sad that nasty types with a keyboard are allowed to be so vile, but the reality is if you know Erin you know she is a top bird and someone you’d love to call (a) friend.”

Cathrine Mahoney and Andrew Johns in 2012, and Erin Molan in 2018. Image: Getty

Johns started the 2019 season on Friday night footy alongside Molan, before disappearing midway through the year.

Johns and Molan are expected to work together on Channel Nine’s coverage of the NRL grand final on Sunday night.

Molan reveals emotional toll of week from hell

Molan was brought to tears in an emotional interview on WSFM on Thursday.

She broke her silence on the ugly saga in an interview with Jonesy and Amanda, wearing sunglasses because she couldn’t wear her contact lenses due to a lack of sleep.

“I am so sorry, I haven’t put my contacts in this morning. I had a rough night. I didn’t sleep very well and these are prescriptions,” Molan said.

Brendan Jones and Amanda Keller both threw their support behind Molan - bringing the Channel Nine presenter to tears.

“I get emotional with this Erin, I don’t understand why people give you a hard time,” Keller said.

“It pisses me off. And I think it’s because you are so professional and you are so good at your job, that I think that men don’t like you being good at what they still see as their world.

“I admire the pants off you or the eyeballs off you and I just think you are the most professional female and it’s threatened everybody.”

Keller was also brought to tears after seeing Molan break down.

“Your daughter would be so proud of you. You’re breaking the glass ceiling for a generation,” Keller added.