'Totally inexcusable': Anger over 'disgusting' fallout in Erin Molan saga

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

Fellow sport reporter Riana Crehan has lashed out at the ‘disgusting’ and ‘inexcusable’ treatment of Erin Molan amid reports of a falling out with Andrew Johns.

Over the weekend The Sunday Telegraph reported Johns walked out on his role on Friday night football earlier this year because of an “awkward” falling out with Molan.

Johns started the 2019 season on Friday night footy alongside Molan, before disappearing midway through the year.

He was subsequently replaced by Billy Slater - which Channel Nine says was a selfless gesture from Johns to get Slater more air time.

Johns himself denied the reports, telling the Telegraph: “Where did you hear that from? Good old rugby league just thrives on rumours and innuendo.”

Andrew Johns and Erin Molan. Image: Getty

And it now appears the story has taken a sinister twist, with Crehan taking to social media to condemn the way Molan has been treated in the aftermath.

The massive public interest in the reports has seen Molan attacked by NRL fans online.

“The current trolling of @Erin_Molan is disgusting & makes me embarrassed to be part social media,” the Supercars reporter wrote on Twitter.

“The horrific comments are totally inexcusable. Ez is the most brilliant human, broadcaster & mentor & what she has done away from TV goes beyond what many will ever dream to achieve.”

Molan replied to express her thanks for the support.

Channel Nine: ‘This is not a story’

Channel Nine director of sport Tom Malone told the Telegraph “this is not a story.”

“There are plenty of people in TV who get on with each other and others who don’t,” he said.

Johns also walked away from his role on the NRL Footy Show after Molan replaced Paul Vautin as host.

The decision to hand Molan the reins didn’t go down well, with the new host receiving backlash from rugby league fans.

She then took over as host of Friday night footy when the Footy Show was axed in 2018.