'Disgraceful': Paul Gallen lashes infamous WAG amid boxing move

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Arabella del Busso and Josh Reynolds, pictured here during happier times.
Paul Gallen has blasted Arabella del Busso over her treatment of Josh Reynolds. Image: Getty/Instagram

Paul Gallen says he wouldn't support infamous WAG-turned-reality star Arabella del Busso fighting on the undercard of one of his boxing bouts, describing her treatment of former NRL player Josh Reynolds as "disgraceful".

Del Busso shot to infamy last year when she was accused by Reynolds of faking pregnancies and miscarriages during their tumultuous relationship, as well as making up claims that he assaulted her.

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She levelled domestic violence allegations against the footy star last year, however the charges were later dropped.

Del Busso then made a controversial appearance on Channel 7 reality show SAS Australia and has now turned her attention to boxing.

The model was supposed to make her boxing debut on the undercard of Gallen's bout against Josh Aloiai, which has since been cancelled after Aloiai tested positive for Covid-19.

Del Busso was scheduled to fight former runway model Kate McLaren, however it is uncertain if the fight will still go ahead.

When asked on Thursday if he would support Del Busso fighting on his undercard, Gallen lashed out.

"I know Josh really well and what happened there was disgraceful," he told Wide World of Sports.

"I have no control over who's on the undercard to be honest. I wouldn't not fight because of that reason, but no, I wouldn't support it.

"I wouldn't support that particular person, not my cup of tea at all.

"Josh is a great guy, always been to me, and I felt terribly sorry for what happened there.

"But I have no control over who fights on the undercard."

Arabella del Busso and Josh Reynolds, pictured here during their tumultuous relationship.
Arabella del Busso and Josh Reynolds had a tumultuous relationship. Image: Instagram

Arabella del Busso admits to lying to Josh Reynolds

In an interview with 60 Minutes last year, Del Busso - real name Donna Preusker - admitted to sending Reynolds a fake ultrasound but denied faking the pregnancies.

“My ex-partner was an NRL player and obviously we separated late last year, but now since then I’ve faced scrutiny in the tabloids,” she said on SAS Australia.

“(The media says) that I’m a liar, (however) not everything I’ve lied about is what the media is saying.

“I told my partner (Reynolds) that I had a pregnancy scan and I showed it to him and said it was ours when in fact it wasn’t our scan at all.

“Our relationship was coming to an end and I didn’t know how to deal with losing someone because I feel like I’ve lost family members and stuff (before).

“(I was doing it) to try to draw him back in.”

Reynolds has previously gone into detail about the hurt that his former girlfriend's lies caused him.

“Is faking pregnancies normal? Is faking your mum's death normal?" Reynolds said on 60 Minutes.

"Making me go through all that. Is it? I would love an answer from her.

“It broke me, literally. I was so into this whole relationship and baby thing that I was hurting so much."

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