'We all do it': Controversial WAG quits TV show over 'little white lie'

Pictured right, Arabella Del Busso on reality TV and with her former partner Josh Reynolds on the left.
Arabella Del Busso quit her reality TV role after being questioned about her past with Josh Reynolds. Pic: Instagram/Ch7

Arabella Del Busso's ugly past with veteran Wests Tigers star Josh Reynolds has come back to haunt her after the former footy WAG quit her reality TV gig.

Channel 7 were under fire for including Del Busso on SAS Australia in the first place, after she was accused of faking three pregnancies and severe health conditions by the NRL star, over the course of their tumultuous relationship.

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In an interview with 60 Minutes in June, Del Busso - real name Donna Preusker - admitted to sending Reynolds a fake ultrasound but denied faking the pregnancies.

She also levelled domestic violence allegations against the footy star, which have since been dropped.

Now Del Busso has walked out of her reality TV role after being interrogated about her dishonesty during the second episode of the show.

Ex-SAS soldiers Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham and Ollie Ollerton sat Del Busso down and asked her to explain why she was being painted as fake and a liar in the media.

The model - who has had as many as 11 aliases - admitted that she had told some "white lies" but denied they were as bad as the media had made out.

“My ex-partner was an NRL player and obviously we separated late last year, but now since then I’ve faced scrutiny in the tabloids,” she said during the interrogation.

“(The media says) that I’m a liar, (however) not everything I’ve lied about is what the media is saying.

“I told my partner (Reynolds) that I had a pregnancy scan and I showed it to him and said it was ours when in fact it wasn’t our scan at all.

“Our relationship was coming to an end and I didn’t know how to deal with losing someone because I feel like I’ve lost family members and stuff (before).

“(I was doing it) to try to draw him back in.”

Arabella Del Busso is seen here posing for a photo.
Channel 7 were criticised for their decision to include Del Busso on the reality TV show. Pic: Instagram

Ex-WAG defends ‘little white lies’

Del Busso choked back tears as she said "I hate talking about this at one stage" before Billingham told her: "you can’t move forward in life if you can’t be f***in honest.”

The 30-year-old then became defensive by claiming that she didn't think her lies hurt anyone.

“I have told a lie but the way that I see it a little white lie here or there is not going to hurt anyone,” Del Busso said.

“I’m sure we all do it, I’m honestly not the only person in the whole of Australia that has told a little white lie here or there.

“People will judge me no matter what but they haven’t lived my life, they don’t know the extent of things that I’ve been through.”

Del Busso then decided her time on the show was up as she walked out and returned home.

Some of her fellow contestants - who include Aussie sporting stars Mitchell Johnson, Nick Cummins, Candice Warner, Sabrina Fredericks and Shayna Jack - didn't seem overly upset by the fact she had left.

Warner admitted back at camp HQ that she found the Melbourne-based model a highly dubious character.

“I don’t trust someone with six names, I’m sorry,” Warner said as Del Busso left the show.

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