Family reach out to NBA legend after estranged father dies

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Philander Rodman (pictured right) posing with a photo of his son and Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman (pictured left).
Philander Rodman (pictured right), father of Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman (pictured left), died aged 79. (Images: Getty Images/@iamj1993)

Philander Rodman, the estranged father of NBA icon Dennis Rodman, died on Tuesday in Pampagna, Phillipines, aged 79.

The daughter of Philander, Darling Rodman, created a Twitter account and posted photos of her father in an attempt to reach out to the Chicago Bulls legend and alert him to the tragic news.

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"Made this twitter acct for a reason. Dennis Rodman I hope you get to read my msg to you about your #1 fan, your father," the account’s description reads.

Philander fought in the Vietnam War and was an enlisted member of the Air Force.

He left Rodman’s mother in 1965 and found his way to the Phillipines in the 70s where he lived.

Philander and Dennis reunite in 2012

Rodman said his father’s absence took a toll on his family, which he described in his 1996 book "Bad As I Wanna Be.”

But his father was delighted to meet him back in the Phillipines more than eight years ago.

"It was great," Philander told The Associated Press after he met Dennis back in 2012.

"I've been trying to meet him for years. And then last night, boom, I met him. I was really, really happy and very surprised."

Philander Rodman has claimed he is the father of 29 children from 16 mothers.