NBA players turn on each other with virus 'snitch hotline'

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The NBA's snitch hotline, pictured here in a promotional photo shot.
The NBA's 'snitch hotline' is reportedly blowing up. (Photo Illustration by Avishek Das/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Amid controversial claims an Instagram model had received an invite into the NBA bubble, the league’s anonymous ‘snitch hotline’ is reportedly going into overdrive.

NBA players and staff in Orlando are clearly going to hold each other accountable for mask and social-distancing violations.

The league’s anonymous tip line has reportedly received multiple calls recently, with reports of players breaking the league’s safety protocols.

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Those calls must have come in recently, as Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes reported Monday that the tip line had not been used.

Players who were reported to the tip line received warnings, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

The league is being aggressive with safety issues as it attempts to restart on July 30.

At least two players - Bruno Caboclo and Richaun Holmes— had to restart the quarantine process after accidentally breaking the rules.

Bruno Caboclo and Richaun Holmes, pictured here in action in the NBA.
Bruno Caboclo and Richaun Holmes both broke the NBA bubble. Image: Getty

Some not happy about ‘snitch hotline’

However some players aren’t happy that the tip line exists, with Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie telling players not to use it.

Dinwiddie, 27, opted out of the season and is not in Orlando.

While some players likely share Dinwiddie’s opinion, the only way the NBA is going to resume the season is if players stay healthy.

The best way to ensure that is to follow safety protocols.

The fact that the tip line was used suggests players and staff understand what’s at stake and want everyone to take this seriously.

It can’t be fun to report other players and staff members to the league, but the alternative is not having a season.

Too many veteran players and coaches have too much on the line to miss a shot at winning it all.

Model claims invite into NBA bubble

The snitch hotline chaos comes after Instagram model Anna Mya claims to have received an invite from a player into the NBA bubble.

“I already got invited to the bubble,” Mya tweeted on Monday.

“Yea the season definitely ending early.”

Anna Mya, pictured here on Instagram.
Anna Mya claims to have received an invite into the NBA bubble. Images: Instagram

After a flurry of replies Mya denied there was anything untoward going on, claiming she might take up the invitation when visitors are allowed.

“People calling me a snitch like it’s not known that they can have visitors in like 5 weeks,” she tweeted.

“Wow y’all are gonna get me uninvited now.

“Y’all keep saying I’m going to fumble the bag. Me & him are laughing at this sh*t right now.”

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