TikTok video reveals ‘wild’ $750 seats at Paul, Mayweather fight

One fan's view (pictured left) from a $750 seat at the Hard Rock Stadium of Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather (pictured right).
One fan complained he paid $750 to sit a fair distance away from the ring at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to watch Logan Paul fight Floyd Mayweather. (@Cbass429/Getty Images)

A fan that attended the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight has lashed out at the spectacle after paying more than $1,000 for tickets that had a horrible view.

Fans were left disappointed after the exhibition fight between boxer Mayweather and YouTuber Paul went the eight scheduled rounds with little fireworks.

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Many viewers said they felt 'robbed' after Paul gassed and spent the latter rounds wrapping-up Mayweather, which resulted in social media going crazy over the images.

But one TikToker has revealed how much he paid for his seats at the main event at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, despite being too far away from the action.

Prices to see any Mayweather event have always been expensive, but a TikToker took to the social media channel and showed his view of the fight.

He was a fair distance from the ring, inside an empty stadium and claimed he paid US $750 (AUD $950) for the tickets.

After showing his view, he then lashed out at Hard Rock Stadium and the promoters for having no announcers.

At the time he took the video the stadium wasn't even half full.

"$750 each, we can't even see the fight. This is wild," he said in the video.

One fan's tweet also confirmed price for the fight, sitting even further back, were also expensive.

One fan posted a photo of the prices of tickets for the Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather bout. (Image: Twitter)
One fan posted a photo of the prices of tickets for the Logan Paul v Floyd Mayweather bout. (Image: Twitter)

To add to his problem, the event was delayed after a massive downpour stopped proceedings in the outdoor arena.

Downpour chaos at Paul v Mayweather bout

As both Paul and Mayweather were in their locker room, a huge storm passed by the Hard Rock stadium resulting in a downpour.

The blockbuster fight between Luis Arias and Jarrett Hurd was briefly halted as rain descended on the outdoor arena.

Boxing reporter for The Athletic, Mike Coppinger, took a photo of the scene after the downpour.

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