'I feel robbed': Logan Paul and Mayweather trolled after viral photo

Logan Paul (pictured left) wrapping-up Floyd Mayweather (pictured right) during their bout fight.
Logan Paul (pictured left) resorted to wrapping-up Floyd Mayweather (pictured right) during their bout, which became an internet sensation. (Image: Twitter)

Photos from the fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather have rocked the internet after the YouTuber resorted to wrapping up his opponent to survive.

Fans were left fuming after boxer Mayweather and Paul fought to a gritty eight-round no result after the undefeated fighter failed to press the YouTuber in their exhibition.

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Paul surprised fans after showing nerves of steel to put the much smaller Mayweather on the back foot in the first round and even finished it off with a flurry of punches.

But Mayweather's tactic of letting Paul punch himself out appeared to work as the YouTuber slowed down.

This allowed Mayweather to walk forward, without any urgency, during the second half of the bout.

Paul resorted to the tactic of wrapping-up the undefeated boxer in an attempt to avoid punches.

However, this resulted in a dire few rounds and social media reacted to a photo that has since become a representation of the million dollar bout.

The eight round fight ended in a no result with no judges present and no knockdown occurring.

Many praised Paul, and rightfully so, for lasting eight rounds with the undefeated fighter, despite Mayweather claiming after the fight he wasn't "21 anymore".

Logan Paul entrance sends fans wild

Paul has sent the internet into a frenzy after wearing a rare 'Charizard' Pokemon card around his neck to the ring for his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

As Paul made his ring walk before his bout against boxing legend Mayweather on Sunday (local time), fans noticed an insane detail about his ring attire.

Hanging around his neck on a chain was none other than a Charizard card - one of the rarest Pokemon playing cards in the world.

The card is believed to be valued at around US$300,000 ($380,000 Australian).

Paul recently bought some $2 million worth of cards from unopened 1st edition Pokémon boxes.

"This is a newfound obsession of mine and I am so excited to share it with other enthusiasts around the world," he wrote on social media.

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