'This is disgusting': Boxing world rages over Floyd Mayweather 'disgrace'

Logan Paul (pictured left) punching Floyd Mayweather and (pictured right) receiving a punch.
Logan Paul survived all eight rounds with boxer Floyd Mayweather in their exhibition fight. (Images: Twitter)

Fans were left fuming after boxer Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fought to a gritty eight-round no result after the undefeated fighter failed to press the YouTuber in their exhibition.

Fans originally called out YouTuber Logan Paul for looking nervous after he arrived at the stadium ahead of his bout with undefeated boxer Mayweather.

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But the YouTuber showed no signs of nerves - especially during his walkout - as he started the first round establishing his range as the much taller and heavier, 16kg difference, fighter.

However, after a flurry at the end of the first round it appeared Paul started to fatigue and Mayweather had him on the back foot.

Paul employed the tactic of tying Mayweather up as often as possible to avoid the heavy shots.

But Mayweather continued the relentless pressure.

However, to Paul's huge credit, the YouTuber survived the eight rounds.

Due to the rules, there were no judges at ringside for the exhibition.

Boxers, MMA fighters and analysts all joined in on wondering what they just witnessed considering Mayweather was making more than $50 million for the bout.

Fans were also left fuming after the rather non-event.

Fans were also left utterly impressed Paul survived eight rounds against one of the greatest boxers ever.

Storm delays Paul-Mayweather bout

As the pair were in their locker room, a huge storm passed by the Hard Rock stadium resulting in a downpour.

The blockbuster fight between Luis Arias and Jarrett Hurd was briefly halted as rain descended on the outdoor arena.

Boxing reporter for The Athletic, Mike Coppinger, took a photo of the scene after the downpour.

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