Video sparks ugly conspiracy about Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight

Floyd Mayweather, pictured here appearing to prevent Logan Paul from falling over.
Boxing fans think Floyd Mayweather purposely stopped Logan Paul from falling over. Image: Getty/Showtime Boxing

Social media sleuths think they've spotted the moment Floyd Mayweather stopped Logan Paul from falling on his face in an attempt to prolong their farcical boxing bout on Sunday.

Mayweather and YouTube star Paul fought to a draw in an eight-round exhibition fight in Miami that left boxing purists seething.

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With no judges in attendance and no points awarded, the only way one man was going to win the fight was via knockout.

And social media users think they've identified the moment that shows the fight was always intended to finish in a draw.

Mayweather landed a big right hand to Paul's head during the fifth round, which seemed to stun the YouTube star.

Video that has gone viral on social media then appears to show Paul slump into Mayweather's arms as if he was heading for the canvas.

But many think Mayweather then holds Paul up so he doesn't fall in an attempt to ensure the fight didn't finish in a knockout.

“The moment you realise Floyd Mayweather probably laid a slew of bets that this fight would go the distance," TV presenter Sid Seixeiro tweeted.

Wrestler Allysin Kay wrote: “Everything is pro wrestling.”

Musician Benton Blount tweeted: “Seems fans of both Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul who feel that either won the fight failed to see the moment when Floyd literally knocked out Paul then held him up to help him finish the fight. Why are you arguing about a fight that was predetermined?”

While Dan Barker said: “Does Floyd remember here he wasn’t supposed to knock him down?”

Considering Mayweather's unblemished 50-0 record in professional boxing, fans were left gobsmacked that he couldn't knock out the social media sensation with next-to-no boxing experience.

Both men reportedly shared about $150 million as a result of the fight.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, pictured here exchanging blows at Hard Rock Stadium.
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather exchanges blows at Hard Rock Stadium. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather finished with boxing

Mayweather claimed afterwards this could be his final appearance, saying: "I wanted to give people a show and he was fighting to survive.

"This was like a training session, really. Just going the distance was a win for him. He can grapple and was good at holding.

"When a guy that size is holding you, it's hard to get him off you. If they are happy with grappling and holding for eight rounds, that's good for them.

"I had fun, he did too. It was cool. When the money comes, we will see who the winner is.

"Will I make a comeback? Absolutely not. I have retired from the sport of boxing. I probably won't do an exhibition again either."

Paul enjoyed some moderate success but his opponent's experience and boxing know-how was too much.

The YouTuber said he enjoyed being in the ring with one of the best of all time, even if he was on the wrong end of too many heavy shots.

"He was slower than I thought, father time is catching up with him perhaps," said Paul.

"I knew if it went the distance I won technically but I hit him with a good shot in the first round but surviving against Floyd Mayweather is something and I am happy."

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