Tim Paine's brother-in-law reportedly embroiled in sexting scandal

Tim Paine (pictured) during a press conference during the Ashes.
Tim Paine's brother in law, Shannon Tubb, was also involved in an alleged texting scandal with the same woman the wicketkeeper was, which resulted in his resignation as Australian captain. (Getty Images)

Tim Paine's brother-in-law, Shannon Tubb, has been dragged into the scandal that has gripped Australian cricket after reports emerged he allegedly messaged the same woman lewd messages.

In an emotional interview alongside wife Bonnie on Sunday, Paine opened up about the sexting scandal after announcing his resignation on Friday.

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Paine's resignation came amid revelations he was at the centre of a 2018 integrity unit investigation into lewd texts with a female Cricket Tasmania colleague, which was under David Peever's CA administration.

But in a further twist, Paine's brother-in-law, Tubb also allegedly sent a number of lewd messages to the former staffer in Tasmania, according to The Herald Sun.

Tubb is married to Paine's sister.

The alleged incident took place in 2018 and Tubb has since left a coaching role at Cricket Tasmania.

He then joined Prince Alfred College in 2019 as First XI Coach.

On Monday, school principal Bradley Fenner said the school was not aware of the alleged incident when hiring him.

"We were not aware of that at the time that we employed him," Fenner told Nine.

"At that time he was, and he remains, an employee of the South Australian Cricket Association, so we need to find out all the facts and then decide how we proceed."

Shannon Tubb, a former Tasmanian cricket player.
Shannon Tubb, a former Tasmanian cricket player, is the brother-in-law of Tim Paine and has been embroiled in an alleged texting scandal during his time at the Tigers. (Images: Facebook)

On Monday, reporter Ella Duffy said she has spoken to the school principal and said he was unaware of the allegations until they came to light on Sunday.

“The principal says he is shocked and concerned by the allegations but says that the school was unaware of these allegations and of the investigation until they surfaced in the media yesterday,” Duffy told The Today Show.

“The principal says that since he (Tubb) came to work here, there have been no concerns about his conduct.”

In a statement released, Prince Alfred school admitted they were 'reviewing Shannon's position with us', despite having 'no concerns about Shannon's conduct and performance during his time with us'.

Tubb had no comment to The Herald Sun report.

David Peever slams handling of Tim Paine incident

New chairman Richard Freudenstein claimed the current board would have held Paine to a higher degree of accountability three years ago if he was in charge at the time.

However, this sparked Peever to hit back at the current CA chairman.

Peever questioned how any decisions could be made if the texts were found to be private, consensual and not an act of misconduct.

"Why have a code of conduct if you are going to make up your own rules as you go?" Peever said.

"Cricket Australia's decision seems knee jerk and unfortunately shows double standards.

"This issue has been doing the rounds in cricket circles for some years now.

"The current chairman has been on the board for two years and it is implausible he didn't know about it.

"If he and his board felt so strongly about it, why wait until now to act?"

Peever's point was corroborated by Paine's interview with News Corp at the weekend, where he described the incident as a ticking time bomb that he knew would one day be made public.

Regardless, Paine revealed coach Justin Langer didn't want him to step down as Australia's Test captain when his historic sexting scandal was made public.

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