Why Shane Warne is right about this part of Tim Paine sexting scandal

Shane Warne, pictured here in commentary duties.
Shane Warne has called for Tim Paine to be axed from the Australian side altogether. Image: Getty


You know we are living in strange times when you find yourself agreeing with Shane Warne over a sexting incident.

Although Warney's call for Tim Paine to be axed from the Australian cricket team is laced with hypocrisy given his sordid relationship with mobile phones over the years, he is bang on right.

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Paine's Test career is surely over. The fact that he is even being considered for selection for the first Ashes Test is staggering.

Did Cricket Australia not see the scenes over the weekend as Paine attempted to make a return to the field for his club side in Hobart?

He looked like he was coming out of a courtroom rather than a dressing-room as reporters tailed him for a comment a day after his resignation as national skipper.

The media intrusion in that small corner of the world will seem like a Molly Meldrum interview compared to the circus awaiting Paine if he were to lob in Brisbane.

Aussie journos are one thing, but he will also be stalked by the visiting English media.

They are not known for letting their prey escape easily, especially sportsmen born beneath the southern cross.

The disruption to the Australian team will be massive. The talk will be of Paine and little else.

For that reason alone - whether you have a problem with Paine's sexting or not - he should be kept clear of the team.

Yet CA chairman Richard Freudenstein insisted his board "is comfortable with his availability as a player".

Apparently there are certain things you get away with as a player, but not as skipper.

Paine is adamant he can kick on despite being on the front page of every newspaper and leading the nightly news for the past two days.

"No I didn't. I'd been pretty clear I wanted to keep playing and potentially finish after this Ashes series," Paine told News Corp when asked if he considered retiring.

"I see that as the ultimate high, to be able to finish your Test career after winning an Ashes series in Australia.

"That's the dream. That's what I want to do."

Tim Paine, pictured here at Queenborough Oval ahead of his return for Tasmanian club side University.
Tim Paine was met with a media circus at Queenborough Oval ahead of his return for Tasmanian club side University. (AAP Image/Ethan James)

Tim Paine's time in Australian Test side is over

But he may not find all his teammates in agreement.

While Paine said he had received great support from the coaching staff and players, the reality may be different.

The Tasmanian isn't as popular as you would think despite his role in dragging Australian cricket back to some sort of respectability post-sandpapergate.

That's nothing new for an Australian skipper - just ask Michael Clarke, Steve Waugh or Kim Hughes – but it's important to note.

The playing group has some sympathy for Paine and a genuine concern for his wellbeing, but his absence would not be the crushing blow you think.

They are ready to start a fresh chapter with a new captain and new wicket-keeper.

Paine's time is done.

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