Vanessa Sierra's new video inside $50m Australian Open bubble

Sam Goodwin
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Vanessa Sierra, pictured here inside the $50 million Australian Open bubble.
Vanessa Sierra posted her latest video from inside the $50 million Australian Open bubble. Image: YouTube

Vanessa Sierra has taken her fans on a tour of the $50 million quarantine bubble at the Australian Open.

One week after sparking an ugly backlash with a video from inside her hotel room with boyfriend Bernard Tomic, the social media star was back at it on Wednesday with her latest vlog.

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The 26-year-old said she was reluctant to post the new video after being widely condemned for complaining about the food and having to wash her own hair.

But Sierra was adamant that none of her comments were meant to be complaints and she feels incredibly lucky to be in the bubble with the world’s top tennis players.

“I have been refraining from posting this because of the last video,” Sierra said.

“I figured I can’t stop YouTubing forever, I’ve got to get on with my life, so I’ve put together part two of my life in quarantine.

“None of this is complaining – all I’m doing is showing you what it’s like to be in the bubble.”

The OnlyFans star gave a unique insight into the COVID-safe training facilities at Melbourne Park, documenting her and Tomic working out before he hit the practice court.

Bernard Tomic, pictured here in Vanessa Sierra's latest video.
Bernard Tomic made a cameo in Vanessa Sierra's latest video. Image: YouTube

Sierra said she appreciated the chance to train but the situation was “not really ideal” for elite tennis stars before a grand slam.

“We’re also in a pandemic so I think that’s probably a little bit more important,” she said.

“It is so regulated – this isn’t a complaint, by the way,”

Sierra showed how a car park had been divided into individual stations for training, while also documenting players eating lunch in their own sections.

The video shows how players and trainers order their lunch using a QR code on their tables, while the facilities are regularly sanitised by officials wearing personal protective equipment.

Sierra apologises after video sparks backlash

On Monday, Sierra issued an apology after her initial quarantine video went viral for all the wrong reasons.

“During this time of COVID, a lot of people are going through s*** and struggling … so for the people I offended, I do apologise,” she said.

“It was not intended to upset anyone, it was just supposed to be lighthearted.”

Sierra said she never expected her comments to cause "so much drama" and admitted the whole saga has taken its toll.

“It’s been really overwhelming. I’ve received death threats and so many abusive messages,” she said.

“My vlogs are intended for showing people my personal (life). I try and be honest and show people things as they are.

“I don’t think I really complained (that much) other than about the food and I do apologise to the chefs, they’ve made a big effort to improve the food.”

Nick Kyrgios was among those to criticise Sierra, saying she needed have some perspective.

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