Glenn McGrath's wife continues attack on Bernard Tomic's girlfriend

Sam Goodwin
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Sara Leonardi-McGrath and Vanessa Sierra, pictured here on Instagram.
Sara Leonardi-McGrath has taken a swipe at Vanessa Sierra. Image: Getty/Instagram

The wife of Australian cricket legend Glenn McGrath has continued the backlash against Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend after her rant about Australian Open quarantine conditions.

Vanessa Sierra, currently quarantining in a Melbourne hotel room with Tomic, was slammed earlier this week for her complaints about the food they were eating and a lack of luxuries on offer.

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The former reality TV star drew some flak from Nick Kyrgios and many others after grumbling about having to wash her own hair.

“This is the worst part of quarantine,” Sierra said on her YouTube channel.

“I don't wash my own hair. I've never washed my own hair. It's just not something that I do. I normally have hairdressers that do it twice a week for me.

“This is the situation that we're dealing with. I can't wait to get out of quarantine just so I can get my hair done.”

On Wednesday night, McGrath’s wife Sara Leonardi-McGrath continued the attack.

“Someone is complaining about quarantine because they don’t have access to hairdressers,” Leonardi-McGrath wrote on Instagram.

“And I’m so sorry, I do feel for anyone going through quarantine, it’s very tough. But hair washing is as basic as it gets.

“Like seriously, who can’t wash their own hair?

“I can’t even deal with you all, too funny... please someone tell me this is a joke or a misquote? Is this fake news?”

Vanessa Sierra hits back after death threats

On Tuesday Sierra hit back at her critics, saying she was taken out of context and is now receiving death threats.

“You guys are the true definitions of class clowns on a witch hunt and if I want to laugh about how bad my hair is in quarantine I unapologetically will. Have a cry,” she posted on Instagram.

“I’m getting so many death threats over my hair joke.

“If people actually watched my vlog instead of going off a news story they would see I was lighthearted about the entire thing and did not make any complaints.

“Simply did a daily vlog as I always do about my life and circumstances I even said that I don’t mind the food situation in quarantine.

“Didn’t realise how many idiots are in this world.”

Sierra said her comments were part of a lengthy vlog for her Youtube channel and blamed the media for making her look like a whinger.

Bernard Tomic, pictured here exercising in his hotel room in Melbourne.
Bernard Tomic exercises in his hotel room in Melbourne. (Photo by WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

“It’s easy to take something out of context when you take 2 sentences out of a 10 minute vlog, and throw it in a negative news story on mainstream media amidst tennis player complaints about their mandatory quarantine,” she wrote.

“My vlog is irrelevant to the above complaints. Social media is my full time work and daily vlogs on YouTube are a part of this, I’m real, honest and raw and show things as they are.

“People who know me know I’m not one to complain. And yes. I will make jokes to brighten a mentally challenging situation.”

Kyrgios was among the many to blast Sierra, while also taking a dig at Novak Djokovic for his list of demands for players in quarantine.

“Djokovic is a tool,” Kyrgios wrote on Twitter.

“I don't mind Bernie but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes.”

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