'Not much on': Eddie McGuire's sarcastic swipe at call to 'step down'

Pictured here, Collingwood president Eddie McGuire gives two thumbs up.
Eddie McGuire has brushed off suggestions he should quit as Collingwood president. Pic: Getty

Eddie McGuire has taken a patronising dig at suggestions he should stand down from his role as Collingwood president.

The AFL and media identity has come under heavy criticism over the Magpies' controversial trade period, which saw a number of high-profile stars moved on from the club in acrimonious circumstances.

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Among those to take aim at McGuire personally were leading lawyer David Galbally, AM QC, a former Collingwood board member who said the president should fall on his own sword.

“The Collingwood administration has lost the plot," Galbally told the Herald Sun.

"They really need a new administration at Collingwood. Full stop.

“Eddie needs to step down. He can’t stay there forever. He’s not there for life. And it’s not healthy for the club to have the same person serve in that role for as long as he has.

“The presidency of the Collingwood Football Club carries with it enormous imprimatur, right across the community – and it’s very hard to let go and give it away. But it’s time. The club has got to look to the future. It needs new ideas and a fresh approach.”

Unfazed by the comments, McGuire hit back with a response of his own on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“It’s a big story – the Herald Sun, I got past the Harvey Norman ad on the back page to get into it,” McGuire said.

“There’s not much on today, (author) Mick Warner has obviously got the teledex out rung around and found David Galbally. David’s had his say, good luck to him.”

McGuire slammed over Collingwood trade silence

Galbally is not alone in criticising McGuire, with veteran AFL reporter Damian Barrett also slamming him for largely staying ‘muted’ during a chaotic trade period.

Pies supporters were reeling after star midfielder Adam Treloar, former Rising Star winner Jaidyn Stephenson and wingman Tom Phillips were forced elsewhere as they contend with a salary cap debacle.

McGuire - despite his prominent media presence - remained unusually quiet during the saga, prompting Barrett to accuse him of hypocrisy.

Seen here, Chief Football Correspondent Damian Barrett. Chief Football Correspondent Damian Barrett. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

“They’ve got a president who is as big a person in the media in the history of this country who was muted, who muted himself throughout the period,” Barrett said on the Sounding Board Podcast.

“I would doubt very much that it was (McGuire’s decision to stay quiet) and if it was, it would fly in the face of everything he’s ever done in the media space.”

Barrett slams McGuire’s stance as ‘pathetic’

The AFL reporter labelled McGuire's silence ‘pathetic’ and argued that he is happy to talk about other clubs’ issues, but not his own.

“It was pathetic listening to Eddie over the past three weeks where he either did not engage in conversation around the biggest story we’ve had in this period or chose not to and then when he did offer contributions to it gave nothing,” Barrett added.

“This is a man who has bought into other clubs’ issues regularly over the journey.

“Of course he is (in a tough spot), but that’s part of the point. He’s on radio himself for three hours every single day and he didn’t want to contribute to the biggest story going around?”

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