'Muted himself': Eddie McGuire savaged over 'pathetic' act

Eddie McGuire's (pictured) during a Collingwood match.
Veteran AFL reporter Damian Barrett has slamed Eddie McGuire's (pictured) silence over Collingwood's criticism as 'pathetic'. (Getty Images)

Veteran AFL reporter Damian Barrett has blasted Collingwood chairman Eddie McGuire for largely staying ‘muted’ during a difficult period in the club’s history.

Collingwood has come under heavy criticism for trading a number of contracted stars this off-season in an attempt to cut $2 million in salary cap pressure.

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Pies supporters are reeling after star midfielder Adam Treloar, former Rising Star winner Jaidyn Stephenson and wingman Tom Phillips were forced elsewhere as they contend with a salary cap debacle.

But club chairman McGuire, an outspoken media personality, has remained unusually quiet during this period.

This sparked reporter Barrett to take aim at McGuire and allude to the fact it has been hypocritical of the boisterous media personality.

“They’ve got a president who is as big a person in the media in the history of this country who was muted, who muted himself throughout the period,” Barrett said on the Sounding Board Podcast.

“I would doubt very much that it was (McGuire’s decision to stay quiet) and if it was, it would fly in the face of everything he’s ever done in the media space.”

Barrett slams McGuire’s stance as ‘pathetic’

But Barrett went one step further and even labelled his silence as ‘pathetic’ after claiming McGuire is happy to talk about other clubs’ issues, but not his own.

“It was pathetic listening to Eddie over the past three weeks where he either did not engage in conversation around the biggest story we’ve had in this period or chose not to and then when he did offer contributions to it gave nothing,” Barrett added.

“This is a man who has bought into other clubs’ issues regularly over the journey.

“Of course he is (in a tough spot), but that’s part of the point. He’s on radio himself for three hours every single day and he didn’t want to contribute to the biggest story going around?” Chief Football Correspondent Damian Barrett. Chief Football Correspondent Damian Barrett. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

McGuire addressed Collingwood fans

While not much has been said, Collingwood chairman McGuire addressed the furore last Friday morning.

“It's the toughest thing when you’re a supporter, because you love your players and your players love you,” McGuire said on Triple M radio.

“We got the end of this campaign… and you either say, ‘Ok, do you make the moves that need to be made to go through there?’

“These days it’s really tough … it’s been a very hard year for everybody. I hate this period.”

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