7th Tackle: Mansour's untimely mishap

Josh Massoud and Liam Cox

Josh Mansour takes great pride in his appearance – more than any other player at Penrith.

The Panthers winger was dining at a fancy restaurant two days before the knock out semi-final against the Broncos when disaster struck.

Tucking into a cob of corn Mansour put his fork through his front tooth – knocking it out.

Mansour in action against the Broncos. Image: Getty

The image conscious powerhouse desperately rung the the team doctor to get his “Barry Beath” fixed up in time for the TV game.


The doc had no joy with the dentist and Mansour was forced to wear a mouthguard for the first time in his career.

Mansour is hoping the club “forks out” for a new tooth in the off season.