7th Tackle: Flight fracas costs Raiders assistant

Josh Massoud and Liam Cox

It's been an unhappy week for assistant coaches.

First Manly staffer Willie Peters lost his job after towelling-up the team's high performance man, Dan Ferris, after a day on the booze in the city.

Now we can reveal the Raiders have also been forced to let go a member of their coaching crew following another alcohol-related incident, this time on a commercial flight.

As they flew home from their final game against Melbourne's Holden Cup team on the Sunshine Coast a fortnight ago, the Raiders U20s became rowdy and disrupted passengers.

The Raiders are looking for a new assistant coach. Image: Getty
The Raiders are looking for a new assistant coach. Image: Getty

Qantas cabin crew decided to stop the service of alcohol altogether, which angered other passengers.

Amid the fracas, one of the team's assistant coaches got up when not permitted to go to the toilet. He was reprimanded by the airline and complaints ensued.


No formal charges were laid but its fair to say club officials weren't pleased after being notified.

The assistant coach - who we've decided not to name out of the deference to his future career prospects - immediately offered his resignation. It was accepted.