7th Tackle: McKinnon's motivational strength

Josh Massoud and Liam Cox

We were fortunate enough to spend some time in the company of Alex McKinnon and the love of his life Teigan Power recently.

The beautiful couple are getting married in three weeks.

Alex is in the midst of writing his wedding speech and admits it will be a highly emotional day filled with tears.

It has been one helluva journey for Alex and Teigan - their strength through adversity is extraordinary.

McKinnon. Image: Getty

It’s little wonder Alex is now in high demand as a motivational speaker.

“I really enjoy talking to schools, and I’ve done a lot of appearances through corporates," McKinnon said.

"I’m talking to different companies about change and transition - how to evolve and handle different situations.


"Trying to find gratitude in your life, and being able to be present and live a conscious life – that’s one of the strongest messages you can give. I’m extremely passionate about it.”

McKinnon reminds us all of what is really important in life.