‘F**king joke’: Andy Murray unleashes over ugly US Open ‘cheating’ saga

Andy Murray (pictured left) arguing with an official at the US Open and (pictured right) offering a cold handshake to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the net.
Andy Murray (pictured left) unleashed on Stefanos Tsitsipas (pictured right) after his antics during their First Round clash at the US Open (Images: @US Open)

Andy Murray cut loose at World No.3 Stefanos Tsitsipas and the officials after some controversial tactics in his five-set epic defeat at the US Open.

Murray showed his legendary tennis spirit after pushing the in-form World No.3 to a fifth set in the opening round of the US Open before losing 2-6, 7-6(7), 3-6, 6-3, 6-4.

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The match had everything, from incredible tennis, a fiery Murray pump-up and even an X-rated wardrobe malfunction for the Scot.

But, Murray and fans in the arena became perturbed when Tsitsipas - who caused a stir before the Grand Slam when he admitted he wasn't vaccinated - started to hold up play between sets and games.

Having been accused of taking extra long breaks in the past, Tsitsipas took a couple of toilet breaks in between sets and games.

Murray became incensed, while Tsitsipas was off-court, and accused the World No.3 of taking way too long to delay his momentum.

"What for 20 minutes every time," a furious Murray asked the official to why Tsitsipas was taking so long.

"How long do you think that was. What's he doing?

"It's never taken me that long to go to the toilet."

In a seperate incident, Murray was 0-30 up on Tsitsipas' serve when the Greek changed racquet.

The halt of momentum frustrated Murray and the World No.3 went on to hold serve.

"You guys just do nothing," Murray said.

"Let's talk about it after the match, but now is when it matters."

Following the match, Murray was clearly infuriated and offered Tsitsipas a 'cold' handshake at the net.

He then went on a rant as he packed his bags.

"It's a f**king joke, every f**king week, f**king under-12," he said.

Multiple reports claimed Murray was heard saying Tsitsipas was 'cheating' following his off-court break.

Fans sided with Murray, after watching Tsitsipas' tactics, and even pointed out the crowd had become 'hostile' towards the World No.3.

Andy Murray unleashes on Tsitsipas post-match

Murray wasn't done with the controversy following the match.

During his post-match interview, Murray said he had: "Lost all respect" for Tsitsipas over his antics.

The three-time Grand Slam champ added even if he had won the five-set thriller he would have called out Tsitsipas for his behaviour.

“I would’ve said the same thing if I’d won, I promise. It was nonsense and he knows it," he added.

Much of the commentary of the match also revolved around Tsitsipas' stance before the tournament.

The World No.3 shocked many in the tennis community after he announced he hadn't been jabbed with his first dose of the vaccine, saying he still has some reservations.

However, the 23-year-old said he would get vaccinated if they became mandatory for players on tour.

His comments come after he admitted to struggling in the tour's 'bubble' environments, following up a strong French Open result with a shock first round exit at Wimbledon.

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