'Coward': UFC fighter's shameless new swipe at 'spineless' LeBron James

Seen here, UFC star Colby Covington and NBA legend LeBron James.
Colby Covington has taken another shocking crack at LeBron James. Pic: Getty

Colby Covington really doesn't like LeBron James and the UFC fighter is not about to let his beef with the NBA superstar die down.

Covington launched an unprovoked attack on James after defeating Tyron Woodley via a fifth round TKO at UFC's Vegas 11 Fight Night over the weekend.

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He even stopped a post-fight press conference to take a call from US President Donald Trump, who congratulated the American on the victory.

Speaking after his win, the controversial fighter - an outspoken Trump supporter - thanked the country's first responders, before hitting out at James and other so-called "woke" athletes in a bizarre rant.

“[First responders] keep this world safe, not these woke athletes, man,” he said. “I’m sick of these woke athletes, these spineless cowards like LeBron James.”

Social media was inundated with messages of support for James and condemnation for Covington.

LeBron reacts to Covington’s remarks

The Los Angeles star was asked about the fighter's remarks after the Lakers’ game two win against Denver in the NBA Playoffs, brushing it off as just another trash-talker trying to put him down.

“Anybody can talk from outside but if they got into the ring or got into the arena, probably 10 times out of 10, they’d s*** their pants,” LeBron said regarding Covington’s remarks.

The 32-year-old fighter has since hit back at James in a shockingly below the belt outburst, related to an old rumour about the NBA superstar.

Covington referenced a rumour that started gaining traction in 2010 while James was playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers, that former teammate Delonte West was romantically involved with his mother.

The allegations reportedly caused a rift between the players, before James left to join the Miami Heat.

Sadly, West's has life spiralled out of control following an end to his basketball career, with the 37-year-old reportedly battling drug addiction and homelessness, brought about by mental health issues.

That didn't stop Covington from using his name to take a shameless and heartless fresh pot shot at James, however.

Covington’s opponent suffers horror injury

Covington dominated a fight against Woodley that left his rival screaming in agony on the canvas during the fifth round.

Woodley needed a knockout finish to have any hope of wining the contest after being thoroughly outclassed the previous four rounds.

The pain for Woodley would only get worse in the final round after he caught Covington in a standing guillotine, only for his opponent to take them both to the mat.

It prompted shouts of "I’ve hurt my rib" from Woodley as the referee promptly stopped the fight and doctors tended to the stricken fighter.

After being helped from the octagon and taken to hospital, Woodley's coach Duke Roufus told Yahoo Sports on his way to the locker room that he thought the fighter tore a rib cartilage.

ESPN UFC reporter Ariel Helwani was later told by the fighter that his rib "popped out" but x-rays showed that it was in fact much more serious.