'It’s so weird': Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges' 'creepy' money-maker

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Boxer Ebanie Bridges (pictured left) taking a photo in the mirror and (pictured right) smiling.
Boxer Ebanie Bridges (pictured) has turned one transaction of selling her training sock, into a booming side-business. (Images: Instagram)

Australian boxing star Ebanie Bridges has revealed her rather unusual side-business makes her laugh, but she is laughing all the way to the bank after garnering global attention.

Bridges, who is undefeated at 4-0 and is known as the ‘Blonde Bomber’, has been juggling her love of boxing with her role as a math teacher in Sydney.

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But she recently made headlines around the world, back in July, after she sold one of her training socks online for $900.

And the extra pocket money has become a steady flow of change after she turned the one-off idea into a booming side business.

While Bridges admits she finds selling her socks to other people she doesn’t know a bit ‘creepy’, she is fine making a lot of money.

“I’ve made a bit of money, I’m not going to lie,” she told News.com.au.

“It’s so weird though because I feel like I’m selling nudes when I think about sharing a pic of my feet without a sock on it. It’s so weird.

“It’s got nothing to do with my feet. It’s just to do with these people and their fetishes. I don’t think they even really care [about my feet}.”

Initially, Bridges was contacted on Twitter by a fan to purchase one of her socks.

But after initially brushing it off, she caved and sold a pair of socks to a fan in the UK for 500 Pounds.

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Bridges explained she can receive up to $100 for selling a photo of her socks on the floor.

If she is wearing the socks, the price tag is higher.

The Blonde Bomber claims she has made more than $4,000 in less than four weeks since it has kicked off.

This doesn’t even include her new role as ambassador of UK socks brand Clingz.

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Bridges’ classes for at-risk teenagers

Other than her side-project, Bridges has been running classes to help at-risk children who are suffering from anxiety or self-esteem issues.

This stems from her admitting she had some ‘pretty bad’ teenage years and wants to give back and help teenagers struggling with the same issues.

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But her blossoming boxing career could see Bridges move to the UK, where she is already a bigger name than here in Australia.

However, her move will most likely be delayed during the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on travel and the sports world.

This is why Bridges has only fought once this year, when she defeated American Crystal Hoy over in the US.

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