'Worst ever': Conor McGregor's iconic baseball pitch goes bonkers

Conor McGregor (pictured left) throwing a pitch at the Chicago Cubs game and (pictured right) the ball going out.
Conor McGregor (pictured left) threw an all-time baseball pitch fail at the Chicago Cubs game. (Images: @MLB)

UFC superstar Conor McGregor may have lethal hands inside the octagon, but not so on the baseball mound after throwing an all-time shocker before an MBL game.

McGregor was invited to throw the first-pitch at the Chicago Cubs game at the famous Wrigley field during his trip around America.

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The Irishman caused a stir a couple of years ago when his attempt to throw a grid-iron football went horribly wrong at a Dallas Cowboys game.

And it doesn't appear The Notorious has a grasp on American sport just yet.

McGregor lined up on the plate and launched his pitch with decent pace.

Then only problem, the baseball flew 10 metres to the left of the catcher.

And the mascot's reaction said it all.

While McGregor was practically throwing on one leg as he continues to recover from a broken ankle, the Irishman's attempt will go down as an all-time fail.

Despite the terrible throw, McGregor was adamant the 'venom' and 'power' was still there.

And in true McGregor style, he continued to entertain the crowd as he sung: "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" for the fans.

Here is McGregor's throw at a Dallas Cowboys match in 2018.

Conor McGregor continues ankle recovery

McGregor recently made a controversial appearance at the MTV Awards where he got into an altercation with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

His appearance surprised many considering he is recovering from a broken ankle.

McGregor snapped his ankle in his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier in July.

The Irishman has posted numerous videos of his rehabilitation with the fighter surprising many with how quickly he has recouped.

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