Roger Federer's funny admission about first kiss with Mirka

Roger Federer has revealed the cheeky fib he told wife Mirka when they first locked lips.

Roger and Mirka are the golden couple of tennis, with fans swooning over their relationship for years.

They first met way back in 2000 when they were both playing for Switzerland at the Sydney Olympics.

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They immediately hit it off, marrying in 2009 and now have four children – Myla, Charlene, Lenny and Leo.

In a lengthy interview with CNN, Federer has now opened up about his first kiss with Mirka.

“We were both playing for Switzerland in tennis and we spent two weeks together in those dorms,” Federer said.

Roger Federer and wife Mirka at the Wimbledon Winners Dinner in 2017. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

“We were together with the wrestlers and all the other cool athletes.

“We were very lucky, we had the most incredible time.

“I guess over the two weeks, we built up some chemistry and didn’t know if this was going to take us anywhere or if this was just a moment in time.

“It was more than just a kiss. It was something that led to something extraordinary for us and we’re very happy to still be together.”

However Federer was only 18 at the time, and needed some persuasion from one of the wrestlers.

“One of my friends, the wrestlers, said, ‘Hey, go kiss her now,'” Federer recalled.

“And I’m like, ‘No, I don’t know, maybe, should I?’

Roger Federer with Mirka after winning Wimbledon in 2003. (Photo by Cynthia Lum/WireImage)

“He goes, ‘Yes, it’s the moment.’ So anyway, I did.”

But afterwards, Mirka seemed to have some regrets about Federer’s age, given he’s three years her junior.

“I tried to tell her I was almost 18-and-a-half because she told me I was so young,” he said.

“I tried to sneak in a quarter year.”

‘I hope he would be proud’

In the same interview, Federer broke down while paying tribute to his late Aussie coach Peter Carter.

“He came to play club tennis for my club in Basel, Old Boys Tennis Club. When I was little he was one of the star players on the team. I was able to have coaching lessons with him,” Federer said.

“Peter was a really important person in my life. If I can say thank you for my technique today it’s to Peter.”

Carter died in a car accident in South Africa in 2002, and never got to see Federer become the champion he is today.

Asked what Carter would have thought to see him now, Federer broke down.

“Sorry. Oh, man, I still miss him so much. I hope he would be proud,” Federer said.

“Geez, never broke down like this.”