'It's been awkward': Roger Federer's hilarious admission about crying

Roger Federer has revealed the most embarrassing time he’s been caught crying.

The tennis legend is a very emotional guy, breaking down in tears a number of times throughout his storied career.

But it’s not just on the tennis court where he lets the tears flow.

Speaking to The Project on Wednesday night, Federer revealed how he usually cries while watching movies on planes.

“The worst part is that I feel I get most emotional on planes watching movies,” he said.

“You’re like watching a movie, you’re so deep in it, you’ve got the earphones and you’re watching and then all of a sudden it’s ‘Would you like a drink?’ and you’re like, ‘What?’ and you’re crying.

“That has happened. That’s not a good look.”

Federer opened up about his emotions. Image: Getty

‘I’m an emotional guy and I don’t mind sharing it’

Despite the funny quip, Federer also opened about why he gets some emotional on the court.

“Emotions are nice and I came to realise a long time ago when I had my first really big, emotional win – maybe it was also when I beat (Pete) Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001 – I couldn’t believe you could be so, so happy and yet start crying,” he said.

“In a way I was happy I did that because it becomes more memorable when you let go instead of holding it in.

“But I know that everyone is different, some people even if they wanted to they couldn’t do it.

“So for me, it’s different. It’s not like I’m looking for it. It’s uncomfortable when it happens when you lose, but I guess I’m an emotional guy and I don’t mind sharing it.

“But I’m sure it’s been awkward or a little bit embarrassing at times. It is what it is.”

Federer most recently showed his emotional side in a revealing interview with CNN, in which he broke down while paying tribute to late Aussie coach Peter Carter.