Trent Robinson cops backlash from NRL fans after blowing up over Roosters loss to Storm

The Roosters coach was critical of the referees, but his team also got some favourable calls.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson has been called out for his criticism of the NRL referees in his team's loss to the Storm on Thursday night after a number of calls went his way. Robinson was left fuming after the Storm won 18-12 and the broadcast showed the coach blowing up when Eliesa Katoa scored with slight help getting across the line from Nelson Asofa-Solomona.

The Bunker did not see anything wrong with the move and awarded the try. And Robinson took aim at the decision in a post-match blow-up. “It’s really clear. The rules are really clear,” he said in frustration.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson (pictured left) has been called out for criticising the referees, despite his team receiving a number of favourable calls. (Images: Channel Nine)
Roosters coach Trent Robinson (pictured left) has been called out for criticising the referees, despite his team receiving a number of favourable calls. (Images: Channel Nine)

“The rules came out at the end of the year and if you lend weight to a tackler in stationary or forward momentum, then it’ll either be stopped or if it’s in a try scoring situation, it’ll be a penalty. It’s really simple. He runs in, he lends weight, touches his player and (Michael) Jennings. Did he lend weight to the play? Yes he did. It’s not that hard. It was really clear.”

However, fans have pointed out Robinson's team got a number of fortunate calls go there way as well. One of the biggest calls was the trip from James Tedesco on Ryan Papenhuyzen. After a kick-chase, Tedesco was wrong-footed when attempting to tackle Papenhuyzen. He stuck a hand out to grab him, but also put his foot out and clipped the Storm fullback. The Storm No.1 went down from the trip.

Papenhuyzen immediately blew up at Tedesco's actions, and the Roosters captain was penalised and placed on report. But many felt there should have been stronger action taken, and Andrew Johns pointed out in commentary for Channel 9 that a trip used to be an automatic send-off not so long ago.

This wasn't the only call that favoured the Roosters. Moments before Cameron Munster got 10 minutes in the bin for impeding Tedesco, Jahrome Hughes also claimed he got impeded when trying to chase his own kick on the try line. Johns also pointed out Michael Jennings lost the ball in the tackle, in the 67th minute, before Joey Manu scored his try. Storm players could be heard yelling to the referee 'lost it' after the tackle.

While the game was not the highest-standard we have seen, fans were left taking aim at Robinson for going so hard on the referee when his team were fortunate not to have also been down to 12 men at one stage. The Roosters have not started the season as well as many expected and pressure is growing on Robinson.

Calls grow for Joey Manu to shift to fullback

While Robinson may have avoided answering questions around Tedesco and 'SuperCoach' prior to last night's game, many fans are calling for Manu to make the shift back to fullback. Last week, Manu was sensational in Tedesco's absence having run for more than 300 metres.


But he was much more stunted against the Storm with 15 runs for 103 metres. Robinson did appear to give Manu licence to roam the field more rather than staying out wide, but it didn't spark the Roosters' attack like it seems to do when Manu is wearing the No.1 jersey.

Trent Robinson
Trent Robinson thought the Storm should have had this try disallowed. Image: Fox League

Fans were quick to point out how much better the Roosters' attack looks with Manu at the back, with many left fuming that the New Zealand international is leaving to play Japanese rugby next season. The Roosters' decision to stick with Tedesco at fullback has also seen young sensation Joseph Suaalii sign with the NSW Waratahs for 2025, meaning they've lost two of their brightest young talents. The Roosters currently sit ninth on the ladder, but will fall with four teams also on six points.