NRL fans divided over Trent Robinson reaction after 'naive' James Tedesco 'SuperCoach' question

The Roosters coach was quick to shut down a question on James Tedesco.

NRL fans have been left divided after Roosters coach Trent Robinson shut down a question regarding James Tedesco's return to fullback when the reporter raised 'SuperCoach' stats at the press conference. Tedesco was ruled out last week due to concussion, which prompted Robinson to move Manu back to fullback.

And Manu was electric having stepped up his performance in the No.1 jersey against the Knights having run for over 300 metres, provided a try assist and made 11 tackle busts for the Roosters. This week against the Storm, as expected, Robinson has reinstated the Blues and Kangaroos fullback back to the No.1 jersey for Thursday.

Trent Robinson answers a question and James Tedesco reacts.
NRL fans are divided over Trent Robinson's (pitured left) reaction to a question regarding James Tedesco's (pictured right) return to fullback when the reporter raised 'SuperCoach' stats at the press conference. (Images: Twitter/Getty Images)

There is no doubting Tedesco's credentials having been the premier fullback for the last five years. This has included leading Australia to a World Cup title as captain. However, many fans have questioned whether his best years are behind him with Manu continually putting in brilliant displays for the Roosters when handed the No.1 jersey.

Manu's own stats are always impressive when given the No.1 jersey. This prompted many fans to question whether Manu should play fullback for the Roosters. Although Robinson knows there is more to selecting a fullback than just stats. This is why Tedesco will always be his No.1 and Manu will remain at centre, until his eventual departure to Japanese rugby at the end of the season.

And one reporter raised the fantasy 'SuperCoach' NRL game, which provides stats for players to earn points for your selected team. Manu scored a whopping total last week and the reporter wanted Robinson to explain his thinking behind preferring Tedesco at fullback.

"When Joey plays like he did last week against the Knights, everyone says he has got to play fullback. But obviously, with Teddy there, what does Teddy bring to that role that doesn't get shown up in stats and the SuperCoach points," the reporter asked Robinson.

And the Roosters coach was in no mood to be talking about 'SuperCoach' at the press conference. "Yeah, I don't think I'll answer that question to be honest," Robinson replied. "I am not talking SuperCoach at a media conference. If they don’t see what Teddy brings, then I’m not the right guy answer it.

"Teddy is an exceptional fullback. It’s just naive to ask that question really. What I think about an Australian and NSW and a premiership-winning fullback and what he brings to the game … watch the game.”

James Tedesco running the ball.
James Tedesco (pictured) is the Kangaroos and Blues fullback.

NRL fans divided over reaction to Trent Robinson question

Many have defended Robinson's dismissal of the question after the mention of SuperCoach. However, others feel the reporter's question - while maybe different - was valid. Many fans last week were clearly calling for Manu to retain his No.1 position after a barnstorming display. And viewers were interested in what goes into Robinson's decision when selecting the team. Although fans were not provided an answer.

James Tedesco fighting to hold onto Blues fullback role

While it appears Tedesco is under no threat to lose his Roosters position, his role in the Blues team is no certainty. Tedesco came under plenty of scrutiny for his 2023 form, but has bounced back this year for the Roosters with a dazzling start to the season. The 31-year-old has now captained the Blues to two-straight series losses, but is determined to hold onto his No.1 jersey for the Blues under new coach Michael Maguire.


Despite his own strong form, Tedesco is facing tough competition with growing calls for Panthers fullback Edwards to be given a crack in the State of Origin arena. Edwards leads the NRL with 1,284 running metres and has scored four tries this year. He has now helped the Panthers to three-straight premierships and can't do much more to put his hand up for selection. Fans are divided over who should play fullback for the Blues heading into State of Origin this year.