Terrifying new video of Mike Tyson stuns fight fans

Chris Young
Sports Reporter
Mike Tyson's latest workout video has whipped boxing fans into a frenzy. Picture: Instagram/miketyson

Mike Tyson’s push to return to the boxing ring in his 50s appears to be pushing full steam ahead, with yet more workout footage of the heavyweight legend going viral.

Despite his last bout coming some 15 years ago, ‘Iron Mike’ has spent the first half of 2020 determined to prove he’s still got it.

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And based on the footage, fans think he’s lost little of the speed and power that made him one of the most feared heavyweight champions in the 1990s.

Boxing fans were first alerted to Tyson’s intense new training regimen back in early May, when the first of a series of workout videos went viral.

Those videos have since prompted intense speculation about a potential comeback - including some serious rumours about a potential trilogy fight against former rival Evander Holyfield.

Some of the rumours were less serious though - talk of Tyson taking on former footballers Barry Hall and Paul Gallen turned out to be just as fanciful as they were on face value.

Discussing his intense new workouts in May on a Play Together, Apart livestream during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyson said he was entertaining talk of a legitimate comeback.

“It may not be over yet. Anything’s possible,” he said.

“I feel unstoppable now. The gods of war have reawakened me, ignited my ego and want me to go to war again. I feel like I’m [young] again.”

Tyson was the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years, four months and 22 days old. But that was way back in November 1986.

Mike Tyson warned against comeback

Despite many in the boxing world being in broad support of Tyson’s potential comeback, not all pro fighters are convinced.

English heavyweight Dillian Whyte said it would be foolish for Tyson, now in his 50s, to expect to fight like he did in his prime.

“It’s silly. If they can’t sanction a fight with me for three years, why the hell are they going to sanction a fight with a 53-year-old man and a 31-year-old man?” he said.

“What if he comes back and dies in the ring? What’s going to happen then?

“We’ve already got enough darkness and enough mud thrown on the sport as it is, we don’t need any more.”