'F***ing my wife': Mike Tyson's shock allegation against Donald Trump

Mike Tyson and ex-wife Robin Givens, pictured here in 1988.
Mike Tyson reportedly asked Donald Trump if he was sleeping with his wife. Image: Getty

Details are re-emerging of the time Mike Tyson allegedly stormed into Donald Trump’s office and asked if he was sleeping with the boxing legend’s wife.

In Tim O’Brien’s book ‘TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald’, Tyson allegedly asked Trump “are you f***ing my wife?”

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According to Trump: “Now, if I froze, I’m dead... You would have zero chance.”

“Here’s the heavyweight champion of the world, and he’s a solid piece of f***ing armour.”

Unfortunately Trump’s answer was not published in the book.

Tyson is on his third wife, currently married to Lakiha Spicer.

But he was referring to ex-wife Robin Givens, who he was married to for 11 months in 1988 and 1989.

“My social skills consisted of putting a guy in a coma,” Tyson wrote in his memoir ‘Undisputed Truth’.

“So maybe Robin was just what the doctor ordered.”

Tyson famously found Givens in bed with Hollywood star Brad Pitt during their bitter divorce proceedings.

“Dude, don’t strike me,” Tyson claims Pitt said.

“You had to see the look on his face,” Tyson wrote. “He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites.”

Tyson and Trump are said to have a good relationship now, with the President of the United States recently commenting on a video of Tyson preparing for his comeback to boxing.

Trump organised Tyson’s fight against Michael Spinks in June 1988, which Tyson won to become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Trump actually became Tyson’s chief advisor not long after, however the partnership didn’t last particularly long.

Donald Trump and Mike Tyson, pictured here in New York City in 1989.
Donald Trump and Mike Tyson in 1989 in New York City. (Photo by Sonia Moskowitz/Getty Images)

Mike Tyson advised against comeback

Meanwhile, British boxer Dillian Whyte has warned Mike Tyson to think twice about returning to the sport later this year, saying the 53-year-old could be killed in the ring.

The boxing legend is set to make a return to the sport for a number of mooted charity bouts.

In an interview with TalkSport, Whyte said the idea of Tyson fighting again was ‘silly’ and took aim at WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman for encouraging it.

“It’s silly. If they can’t sanction a fight with me for three years, why the hell are they going to sanction a fight with a 53-year-old man and a 31-year-old man?” he said.

“It makes no sense. That’s silly. Mauricio and I are cool, but it’s a very silly thing to say. He shouldn’t be encouraging it.

“What if he comes back and dies in the ring? What’s going to happen then?

“We’ve already got enough darkness and enough mud thrown on the sport as it is, we don’t need any more.”

There’s growing speculation Tyson will fight fellow former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.

Both men have been delighting fans in recent weeks with social media videos showing them getting back in fighting shape.