Nick Kyrgios' shout-out to Eugenie Bouchard after break-up

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor
Nick Kyrgios has sent a cheeky shout-out to Eugenie Bouchard. Image: Getty

Nick Kyrgios has posted a throwback photo of Eugenie Bouchard sitting in his courtside box at Wimbledon in 2019.

Fresh from his break-up with Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya, Kyrgios posted the photo of Bouchard on his Instagram story on Thursday night.

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“Swaggy as f*** box,” he wrote as the photo caption.

Nick Kyrgios posted a throwback photo of Eugenie Bouchard. Image: Instagram

The photo shows Bouchard and sister Charlotte sitting in Kyrgios’ box at the All England Club, one row behind Kyrgios’ father.

Bouchard’s presence in Kyrgios’ box sent the rumour mill into overdrive at the time, however nothing came of it.

She even hit back at a number of fans who criticised Kyrgios for serving underarm in the match.

“It has nothing to do with lack of respect. It’s literally just a different way to hit a serve,” she said at the time.

“Underarm serves aren’t against the rules. It’s a tactic. Anything to win the point.”

Kyrgios has previously been linked to Bouchard, as well as her twin sister Beatrice.

Beatrice posted a happy snap on Instagram with Kyrgios last August after he was eliminated from the Canadian Open.

“Good company,” the photo was captioned.

Kyrgios and Kalinskaya speak out after break-up

Last month Kyrgios opened up about his split with Kalinskaya, saying the pair simply grew apart.

Kalinskaya said they were no longer friends after confirming the end of their reationship.

“We broke up. We aren’t friends,” she told fans online.

“I understand you are his friends and it’s cool but I’m not going to talk about him. Have some respect for me as well please.”

Kalinskaya’s comments seemed to suggest some bad blood with Kyrgios as a result of the split.

She also posted a number of Instagram posts that appeared to take aim at Kyrgios, featuring the captions “f***ing energy vampire” and “you’re not a bad boy, you’re simply a bad person”.

However according to Kyrgios there’s no ill-will.

“What happened to Kalinskaya? Nothing happened,” he told fans during an online stream of Fortnite.

“We just went our separate ways. Unfortunately things didn't work out. We had some fun memories.”

Kalinskaya later denied her comments were about Kyrgios and said he’s a “good person”.

She told Confidential: “He did nothing. He is a good person and I didn't mean to comment about him.”

“I don't know why people think it’s about him. He is a great player and nice person.”

The pair had been an item since late last year, spotted in Mexico getting tacos together and in attendance at an NBA game.