'This is awful': Eugenie Bouchard opens up on dating 'disaster'

Eugenie Bouchard, pictured here at Wimbledon and on Instagram.
Eugenie Bouchard has opened up about love and relationships. Image: Getty/Instagram

Eugenie Bouchard has opened up about the worst date she’s ever been on, saying it was ‘awful’ and a ‘disaster’.

During a ‘virtual date’ with American entrepreneur Bob Menery over the weekend, Bouchard was grilled on her love life.

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Menery scored the online date with Bouchard after pledging to donate $US40,000 to charity - and he didn’t hold back.

Menery asked Bouchard about her past relationships, whether she’s been in love and if she wants to have kids or not.

But he also asked the Canadian tennis star about her worst date of all time, which produced a pretty horrifying tale.

“I went on a date with a guy once, we went to the beach and he had food poisoning and he ran to the bathroom to throw up every 20 minutes,” Bouchard said.

“It was just a disaster, it was so bad.

“We tried to chill out on the beach and have fun but he would keep disappearing, behind bushes, to the bathroom in the clubhouse, it was bad.

“We were supposed to go to dinner after but I was hoping, I was like, ‘I really don’t want to go to dinner anymore because this is awful’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, what if we skip dinner?’ I was like, ‘That’s great, can you just drop me off at home, goodbye’.”

The former Wimbledon finalist admitted to feeling uncomfortable when talking about love and relationships.

She also said she struggles with finding someone genuinely interested in her, rather than her fame.

“It’s hard to meet people in person because I’m always travelling. Normally I’m in a different city every single week so that makes it super hard,” Bouchard said.

“What do you do? If someone knows who you are then I don’t want them to look up to me too much, I don’t want them to be a fan.

“How do you meet someone who’s not like that? It’s tough.”

Eugenie Bouchard and Nick Kyrgios, pictured here at an event in 2017.
Eugenie Bouchard has been linked to Nick Kyrgios in the past. (Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Bouchard takes search for love to dating apps

In a sign that even the biggest celebrities aren’t immune to having to resort to dating apps, Bouchard recently revealed she’s taken to Bumble to find love.

She’s dated fellow sporting stars, random fans and even been linked to Aussie bad boy Nick Kyrgios.

But nothing seems to stick for the Canadian, as she reminded us recently when she tweeted: “Quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend.”

But now it seems the former World No.5 has taken her search for love to dating app Bumble.

Bouchard posted two photos of herself on social media on Wednesday, one of which was a screenshot of her dating profile.

“What i look like dating in quarantine on @bumble_canada vs what my profile looks like,” she wrote.

In a sponsored post for the app, Bouchard said she was “matching with people in Canada” and urged others to download and match with her.

“I make bomb mini quesadillas,” her profile says.

The World No.332 even shared a conversation she’d had with one of her matches.

“So … do you like quesadillas?” she asked.

To which she received the reply: “Has anyone actually ever said no to this?”