Nick Kyrgios' rumoured new love interest after ugly break-up

Nick Kyrgios, pictured here before splitting with Chiara Passari.
Nick Kyrgios is reportedly dating Costeen Hatzi after splitting with Chiara Passari. Image: Instagram

Nick Kyrgios is reportedly dating blogger Costeen Hatzi after his tumultuous relationship with Chiara Passari came to an end recently.

Kyrgios and Passari reportedly had to be separated by police in October after a row while in hotel quarantine in South Australia.

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Kyrgios then returned home to Canberra alone in what appeared to be the straw that broke the camel's back for the relationship.

Passari had previously posted an image on Instagram which she claimed showed Kyrgios asleep in bed with another woman.

She has also posted a variety of screenshots allegedly showing private conversations between her and Kyrgios, including messages from the tennis star for her collect her things from his house.

Passari has now opened up on the 'toxic' relationship in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, saying: “He love-bombed me for the first three months."

However Passari claims Kyrgios then turned “manipulative”, saying he was looking for flaws in their relationship “to use against me”.

Responding to backlash over her sharing private messages from Kyrgios, Passari said: “Why would I want to have attention on me from a story that makes me look weak and walked all over as I kept forgiving him and going back.

“It’s not for attention, it’s for awareness.”

Passari added that her family now "hate" Kyrgios.

According to the Telegraph, Kyrgios is now dating "Passari look-alike" and Sydney-based blogger Hatzi.

Kyrgios and Hatzi are yet to go public with the rumoured relationship, with neither party posting photos of each other online.

Nick Kyrgios and Chiara Passari in ugly split

In October, South Australian Police confirmed that two travellers had been separated after a verbal altercation in hotel quarantine, but said there would be no charges or investigation of any kind.

“In the afternoon of Thursday 7 October 2021, police were alerted to a verbal argument between two occupants within a Medi-hotel,” SA Police said in a statement.

“An investigation was conducted, no offences were disclosed and both parties will now spend the remainder of their quarantine in separate rooms.”

Nick Kyrgios and Chiara Passari, pictured here in happier times.
Nick Kyrgios and Chiara Passari in happier times. Image: Instagram

Kyrgios and Passari reportedly stayed in different rooms for the remainder of their quarantine.

The pair shared a tumultuous 18-month relationship, which came crashing down when Passari accused Kyrgios of infidelity.

When asked by a fan about an incident back in February at Melbourne nightclub OneSixOne, Passari responded with a photo of Kyrgios topless in bed, with a woman's hand over him.

"That girl naked in bed with him isn't me by the way...Hope that clears it up," she wrote.

Passari had previously alluded to trouble in paradise with a number of cryptic social media posts, including one in January when she wrote: “Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they’re being unfaithful."

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