Instagram model's X-rated Super Bowl stunt backfires spectacularly

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

First it was Kinsey Wolanski at the Champions League final, then it was Lauren Summer and Julia Rose at the World Series.

And on Monday the sporting world got its latest dose of an Instagram model streaking (or attempting to) at a global event.

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Just after kick-off in the Super Bowl on Monday, a woman jumped onto the field and attempted to run across the pitch.

Kelly Kay detained after running onto the field in Super Bowl LIV. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

She was apprehended by security before she could get very far, but managed to hitch up her dress and flash her backside to the crowd as she was being taken away.

The woman was soon identified as Instagram model Kelly Kay, with suggestions she was undertaking another viral stunt for YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Wolanski’s stunt at the Champions League final was a shameless plug for boyfriend Zdorovetskiy’s YouTube channel.

And Kay features in a number of photos with Zdorovetskiy on Instagram.

Growing trend at global events

Wolanski went viral last year after invading the pitch during the Champions League final, and she stripped off again recently in Austria.

Wolanski ran onto the track during a World Cup slalom race last week carrying a banner that read: “RIP Kobe”.

She walked onto the course during the run of Italian competitor Alex Vinatzer in Schladming, temporarily delaying the event.

She walked across the finish line before Vinatzer had completed his run, stopping the clock early.

Vinatzer originally thought he’d recoded the fastest time, before learning an alternate system had recorded the 20-year-old’s real time.

However the youngster’s initial confusion seemed to evaporate when he met Wolanski after the race.

“Ohh boy, looks like I have a new girlfriend,” Vinatzer wrote on Instagram alongside a photo.

“6th place in Schladming and probably one of the [best] finish fotos [sic] ever.

“Shladming you were amazing.”

Vitaly’s mother Elena also jumped the fence at the Cricket World Cup final between England and New Zealand in July.

Dressed in a black, skintight suit once again bearing the name of her son’s website and YouTube channel, the Zdorovetskiy matriarch didn’t quite have the footspeed of her son’s girlfriend.

She was quickly wrapped up by security before she was able to set foot on the ground.

Later posting on Instagram, she said she was so excited she “had to get involved”.

That was followed by Instagram models Rose and Summer flashing their breasts while sitting behind home plate during Game 4 of the 2018 baseball World Series.