'Should be banned': Fan caught napping in $5000 Super Bowl disaster

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

The Super Bowl has to be one of the most exciting sporting events on the calendar - especially if you’re in America.

NFL fans usually pay through the nose for a ticket to the big event, so you’d expect anyone in attendance to make the most of it.

‘ABSOLUTE JOKE’: Aussies rage over Super Bowl 'disgrace'

Unfortunately for this bloke the excitement seemed to get the better of him.

During the first quarter of the San Francisco 49ers’ clash with the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, footage of a fan taking a nap in the stands at Hard Rock Stadium immediately went viral.

The man was spotted taking a quick nap. Image: Barstool Sports/Twitter

That is one absurdly expensive nap.

Earlier this week, the average price for a Super Bowl ticket on StubHub was US$6,414, while the cheapest ticket was being sold for $4,975.

That’s the equivalent of about $9570 and $7400 in Australian money.

Twitter absolutely roasted the fan, with many pointing out his likeness to Andrew Bernard from NBC's TV series "The Office," played by Ed Helms.

Insane cost of food and drink at Super Bowl

As well as the absurd cost of tickets, fans also had to shell out some serious cash for concessions.

No one goes into the Super Bowl expecting to get a bargain on food, but some of the food items for sale in Miami on Sunday still managed to boggle the mind.

Before the 49ers and Chiefs clash, some noticed just what prices that Hard Rock Stadium was commanding for even the most simple of stadium food.

Starting off, how about US$15 for your basic popcorn (that’s $22 Aussie). Want to add a soda or beer? That’ll add up to a full US$30 (AU$45).

At that point, just go for the burger and beer, if you’re into that.

Most underrated part of that menu: $3 (or $4.50) for a cup of cheese.

Things didn’t get much better at some of the stadium’s more exotic food options.

The award for most expensive menu item goes to crab claw cocktail, coming in at a whopping US$85 - which converts to AU$127.

There’s also a $34 cubano sausage, $25 glass of champagne and $12 basic hot dog ($50, $37, $18).

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