'No more crying': Michael Clarke breaks down in Shane Warne tribute

Michael Clarke (pictured left) crying on television and (pictured right) Clarke hugging friend Shane Warne.
Michael Clarke (pictured left) broke down when discussing his friend and former teammate Shane Warne (pictured far right) on television. (Images: Today Show/Getty Images)

Aussie cricket great Michael Clarke has broken down on live television following the death of his friend and former teammate Shane Warne.

Warne died in Thailand on Saturday after suffering a suspected heart attack in his villa on Koh Samui at the age of 52.

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Tributes have flowed around the world for the Australian cricket legend and Clarke appeared on Channel Nine's The Today Show to pay respects to his dear friend.

And having expressed his 'absolute shock' that Warne has gone, Clarke broke down in a tough moment to watch.

When asked about how he was going to confront saying goodbye to his friend, Clarke broke down.

"No more crying," Clarke said on Tuesday.

“It will be hard … I’m sure he will get the send off that he deserves but I don’t think I will ever say goodbye.”

Earlier, Clarke admitted the news took him by complete shock on the weekend and his initial reaction was the reports were a mistake.

“I remember when I got a phone call from Helen early in the morning on Saturday, I thought there might have been a bit of confusion, like a journalist might have said Warnie’s name when they really meant Rod Marsh,” Clarke admitted.

“It took me some time to believe it was real.”

Shane Warne's incredible act for Michael Clarke

On Monday, Clarke revealed the incredible lengths Warne went to for his friends.

Clarke said Warne was in the UK working ahead of his secret wedding with ex-wife Kyly in 2012.

The former Australian captain said Warne dropped everything to attend the event, despite being under the impression it was just for Clarke's birthday.

“I’m very lucky to have some wonderful people in my life - family and friends - but Warnie was as loyal as anyone," Clarke said on the Big Sports Breakfast on Monday morning.

Fomer Australian captain Michael Clarke (pictured left) embraces and talks with former spin legend Shane Warne (pictured right).
Fomer Australian captain Michael Clarke (pictured left) talks with former spin legend Shane Warne (pictured right). (Photo credit should read SAEED KHAN/AFP via Getty Images)

“I’ll never forget, my wedding .... we didn’t tell anybody because of the media .. my ex-wife Kyly, we only invited 30 of our closest family and friends and she told everyone it was my birthday.

“Warnie was in London engaged at the time to Elizabeth Hurley and was working over there. I said to Kyly at the time ‘for some people, you can’t tell them it’s my birthday. They’re not going to come.'

"Even if you told Warnie it was my wedding, still I don’t expect him to come, he’s over there working. He can’t get time off work, he’s just got engaged, he’s not going to come.

“Mate, he came. Him and Elizabeth get on a plane, thinking it’s my birthday party, and he still came.

“That to me just sums up what he was like to his closest friends. It was only a small group - (he had) a million acquaintances - but only a handful of close friends and he would give anything to them, the shirt off his back. He was that loyal and I loved that most about him.”

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