'I was p***ed': Robbie Farah spills on Eugenie Bouchard rejection

Chris Young
·Sports Reporter
·2-min read
Robbie Farah's attempt at wooing Eugenie Bouchard fell flat almost immediately. Pictures: Getty Images/Instagram
Robbie Farah's attempt at wooing Eugenie Bouchard fell flat almost immediately. Pictures: Getty Images/Instagram

Former NRL star Robbie Farah says his failed attempt to woo Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard came in the midst of a wild night in Miami.

Farah’s pursuit of Bouchard, who once went on a date with a fan who messaged her on social media, fell completely flat as the 26-year-old brutally ignored the former Wests Tigers star.

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“@geniebouchard surely you’re having a drink with me in Miami!,” Farah tweeted at the tennis star earlier this year.

“If I rub you do I get 3 wishes?”

Bouchard obviously had better things to do with her time, but the moment generated some media attention for Farah, who discussed what he was thinking during an interview with Fox Sports.

The 303-game veteran said he couldn’t remember all the specifics after a wild trip to the US which also included a chance encounter with Matthew Johns and bitter rival Gordon Tallis.

“I vaguely remember (the tweets), I was pissed!” Farah said.

“I was with a bunch of mates and we thought it’d be funny if I sent her a message.

“The next day it blew up in the media. I had all these people having a go at me, some people thought it was rude or whatever.

“I was like ‘it’s a joke’. If you can’t take a joke, seriously what world do we live in?”

Robbie Farah’s encounter with Gordon Tallis on Miami trip

In the same interview, Farah revealed he’d bumped into Matthew Johns purely by coincidence, who was travelling with Tallis.

Farah and Tallis had a falling out in 2014 after the former issued a three-minute long spray over ‘false claims’ he believed Tallis had made about him and then Tigers coach, Michael Potter.

It would be fair to say their encounter in Miami didn’t resolve the issue - although it didn’t worsen it either.

I heard this voice from behind yell out my name. It was Matty Johns; he was at a cafe just grabbing a coffee in the morning.

“He was like ‘Gordie’s over here. Come on mate, let’s go. Let bygones be bygones.

“I went over and gave Gordie a bit of a jab. We had a bit of a chat.

“I thought I was right and he thought he was right. That was it, we said ‘oh well, let’s agree to disagree’.”