Rio volunteer proposes to Brazilian rugby player on-field after finals

Although her country didn’t place in the rugby sevens, Brazilian player Isadora Cerullo had plenty of reasons to celebrate after her partner proposed on the field after the match.

Field manager and Rio Olympics volunteer Marjorie Enya popped the question after Australia’s thrilling defeat over New Zealand in the final of the women’s rugby sevens on Day 3 of the Olympic Games.

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Brazilian rugby player Isodora Cerullo with fiancee Marjorie Enya. Photo: Getty

A crowd of Cerullo’s teammates and Ms Enya’s colleagues watched on in the background, cheering and waving heart-shaped balloons.

Ms Enya reportedly described her 25-year-old fiancée as “the love of my life”.

The athlete and volunteer were ecstatic after the proposal. Photo: Getty

Judging by the smiles and embraces, it’s assumed the answer was a very happy ‘yes’ from the athlete.

Cerullo grew up in the US but moved to her parent’s home country of Brazil in 2014 to follow her dream of playing rugby on a national scale.