Manly muzzles players as DCE faces sanctions

The situation is getting ugly at the Sea Eagles.

Initial reports stated the incident between Jackson Hastings and Daly Cherry-Evans was little more than a "lovers' tiff" or "heated argument".

It now seems those were a major understatement.

Multiple reports now suggest DCE played a major role in the downfall of Hastings on the Northern Beaches, and that the fallen playmaker does in fact have solid support within the playing group.

Fairfax Media is reporting that Manly are close to finalising their report into at least two confrontations between DCE and Hastings while the club was in Gladstone.

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Hastings looks set to join his fourth club after finding himself on the outer at Manly. Pic: Getty

Officials are reportedly considering hitting their $10 million man with fines and possibly a suspension for his critical role in the ugly affair.

A training session stoush between the pair came first, described as an overreaction by Seven journalist Josh Massoud.

"Cherry-Evans has tapped Jackson Hastings hard on the back of the leg and once again he's reacted, and whacked the skipper on the back of the leg," Massoud said.

Tension from that incident led to an altercation in a hotel room, after members of the playing group visited Board Room Strip Club in Gladstone.

Channel Nine is reporting the Manly captain went to Hastings' hotel room where he pushed Hastings and hit him in the face, possibly with an open hand.

Fox Sports' Paul Kent has since revealed that some players are now refusing to toe the club line that Hastings has no support within the group.

“Players are going on the record (with the Rugby League Players’ Association) saying they are willing to play and willing to train alongside him (Hastings),” Kent said.

“Jackson Hastings has texts from team-mates saying I’m prepared to do this (help him).

“As to the actual nature of the fight and what it was over, there’s an alternative version coming out there.”

To make matters worse for the club, officials are now attempting to censor players from throwing their support behind the dumped playmaker, according to Massoud.

Some players have already gone on record to support Hastings, who is now playing with Manly's feeder club Blacktown in the NSW Cup.

“We’re all mates with Jackson and it’s unfortunate what happened to him," prop forward Addin Fonua-Blake said.

“He’s a good bloke. To me, he’s a good bloke.

“I can’t speak on behalf of anyone else, [but] I’ve found him really good and it’s unfortunate what happened to him.”

That sentiment was echoed by winger Brad Parker.

Hastings was considered a ticking time bomb. Pic: Getty

“I like Jackson, everyone likes Jackson, he’s a good kid. I’m not going to talk about it too much more,” Parker said.

“’Baz’ (Barrett) has talked to us and it’s not up to the playing [group] whatsoever, it’s all up to Baz.

“He’s talked about it and it’s his decision.

“We’ve talked about it and all we can do is play our best footy individually and as a team.”