Kieran Foran in heartbreaking new message after devastating family tragedy

The stepson of the NRL star tragically took his own life in November.

Pictured right is Kieran Foran and his wife Karina and their late son Logan on left.
Kieran Foran has shared a powerful message after the tragic death of his stepson, Logan, by suicide. Pic: Instagram

Kieran Foran has delivered a powerful new message about suicide in the wake of the devastating death of his 20-year-old stepson Logan Steinwede in November. Foran, his wife Karina, their family and loved ones were rocked the news that Logan had tragically taken his own life last month.

A keen surfer with dreams of one day turning professional, Logan was found dead at his grandparents' home while Foran and wife Karina were in Melbourne for a weekend away. Logan's uncle Dr Justin Coulson, who is Karina's brother and one of the experts on Channel 9 show 'Parental Guidance', announced the devastating news on social media at the time.

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“My mum and dad – his Nan and Pop – found him on Monday morning,” Dr Coulson wrote on Facebook, saying it was “too late to help”. He added: “Too late to do anything except scream ‘No’. Too late for him to hear them as they cried his name over and over again: ‘Logan! Logan! Logan! Logan!’ ‘No, no, no, no, no!!!!’”

Dr Coulson said his parents had to make the gut-wrenching phone call to Karina to inform them of the news while she was in Melbourne with her husband after the end of the footy season. Kieran and Karina - who were married in 2018 - were celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary in October when they received the devastating news that turned their lives upside down.

Kieran Foran shares powerful message after tragedy

The NRL community rallied around Foran and his family, with more than 1000 people attending Logan's funeral service last month, in a sign of how many lives the young man had touched. Foran says Logan's death took everyone by shock but was determined to use the tragedy to share a powerful message to others who are experiencing mental health problems, pain or hardship in their lives.

“The message we want to get out there is that suicide is not the answer,” Foran told News Corp. “There were 1100 people that turned up to Logan’s funeral (and more than 8000 online streams). They would have all done absolutely anything for him.

“People, especially young men, need to understand that no problem is too big it can’t be solved and the people around you, who love you, will help you navigate your way through it. He urged anyone going through a difficult period in their life to "reach out for help when you’re at your most hurtful and painful moment" and was at pains to stress that "suicide isn’t the solution."

Kieran Foran and his wife Karina were left shocked and devastated by the tragedy. Image: Getty/Instagram
Kieran Foran and his wife Karina were left shocked and devastated by the tragedy. Image: Getty/Instagram

Logan’s biological father Mat Steinwede, who is a motivational speaker, posted a heartbreaking video tribute to his late son after his death. “When he was growing up we spent almost every day together. Surfing, training,” he said as he broke down in tears.

“They say it took a village to raise a kid, it took five villages to raise Logan. He was the best. He wanted to do life his own way. Very hard to watch, but you know. You think ‘could I have done things’ differently, could I... I know his mum thinks that as well.

“You wake up in tears, you go to bed in tears ... people say he’s happy now but I don’t know. I think we could’ve made him pretty happy here too. They also say there’s a silver lining in anything - truly, I can’t see one. This morning I just wish I could say I love you one more time. But I can’t, and his mum can’t, and his grandparents.”

Foran said while nothing can ever undo Logan's tragic passing, they can "help change the future" by speaking out about mental health and depression. The 33-year-old said it's important for people to understand that it's "OK not being OK" and encouraged others to seek professional health if they are in a dark place in their lives.

Readers seeking support and information can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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