NRL world rallies around Kieran Foran and family after devastating tragedy

The awful news came just days after the NRL star played in the Pacific Championship final for New Zealand.

Kieran Foran, pictured here with wife Karina.
Kieran Foran and wife Karina. Image: Getty/Instagram

The NRL community is sending messages of support to Kieran Foran and his family after the death of his step-son Logan Steinwede. The 20-year-old was found dead at his grandparents' home this week while Foran and wife Karina were in Melbourne for a weekend away.

Logan's uncle Dr Justin Coulson, who is Karina's brother and one of the experts on Channel 9 show 'Parental Guidance', announced the devastating news on social media. Steinwede, who was a keen surfer and had dreams of turning professional, was found by his grandparents in the bedroom he was staying at in their home.

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“My mum and dad – his Nan and Pop – found him on Monday morning,” Dr Coulson wrote on Facebook, saying it was “too late to help”. He added: “Too late to do anything except scream ‘No’. Too late for him to hear them as they cried his name over and over again: ‘Logan! Logan! Logan! Logan!’ ‘No, no, no, no, no!!!!’”

Dr Coulson said his parents had to make the gut-wrenching phone call to Karina to inform them of the news while she was in Melbourne with he husband - Gold Coast Titans halfback Foran. Karina later shared a photo and video of her son on social media, writing: “I would give anything my boy. My heart is not in my chest.”

Kieran Foran, pictured here with wife Karina and stepson Logan Steinwede.
Kieran Foran (R) with wife Karina and stepson Logan Steinwede (L). Image: Instagram

Logan’s father Mat Steinwede, who is a motivational speaker, posted a video to confirm the awful news. “When he was growing up we spent almost every day together. Surfing, training,” he said as he broke down in tears.

“They say it took a village to raise a kid, it took five villages to raise Logan. He was the best. He wanted to do life his own way. Very hard to watch, but you know. You think ‘could I have done things’ differently, could I... I know his mum thinks that as well.

“You wake up in tears, you go to bed in tears ... people say he’s happy now but I don’t know. I think we could’ve made him pretty happy here too. They also say there’s a silver lining in anything - truly, I can’t see one. This morning I just wish I could say I love you one more time. But I can’t, and his mum can’t, and his grandparents.”

NRL world rallies around Kieran Foran and family

Dr Coulson revealed that Logan left a note but it "won't bring peace or relief". He said: “Logan was the most energetic and delightful kid I know. Kind. Fun. Laughing all the time.

“My kids - his cousins - loved hanging out with Logan, and as his Uncle, I did too. We surfed together at Kirra last year when the surf was as good as it gets; well overhead and absolutely pumping. Surfing was his thing... so much so that he was close to pro.

“Logan was staying at my parents house the night he took his life. How do you hold the body of your grandson for the last time? That was what my parents did on Monday morning.

Kieran Foran, pictured here in action for New Zealand against Australia in the Pacific Championships.
Kieran Foran in action for New Zealand against Australia in the Pacific Championships. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

“How do you call your daughter, still celebrating a special weekend with her husband in Melbourne, and tell her that she needs to come home because her son - only 20 years old - has died? That was also what my parents did on Monday morning.

“And the ripple effect... as each new person discovers the awful truth. Logan is dead? How? Suicide? No! Not Logan! How can that be? He was so happy. No! Please no. Logan left a note. But the note won’t bring peace or relief to anyone... Because he’s dead.”

Kieran and Karina were married in 2018, celebrating their five-year wedding anniversary in October. They head off to Melbourne last weekend after Foran's season came to an end after he helped New Zealand beat Australia in the Pacific Championship final.

Readers seeking support and information can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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