Penrith teammates accused of 'pathetic' act towards Dylan Edwards

Dylan Edwards' teammates, pictured here not seeming to react when he was named Clive Churchill medallist.
None of Dylan Edwards' teammates seemed to react when he was named Clive Churchill medallist. Image: Channel 9

NRL fans have expressed their confusion after footage of the moment Dylan Edwards was named Clive Churchill medallist went viral on social media on Monday.

The Penrith fullback was named best on ground for his display in the NRL grand final against Parramatta on Sunday night, winning the prestigious Clive Churchill medal.

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However the bizarre reaction of his Panthers teammate when Edwards was named the winner has left fans and pundits highly confused.

Channel 9 cameras captured Edwards' reaction when James Bracey named him the Clive Churchill medallist on Sunday night.

The fullback turned around and looked at his teammates with a grin on his face, but in extraordinary scenes none of them reacted in the slightest.

Jarome Luai and Api Koroisau were hugging each other and talking, Charlie Staines had a blank look on his face, while Izack Tago started to clap rather half-heartedly.

In complete contrast, the Panthers reserve grade players all broke out in cheers and applause.

To their defence, Edwards' teammates might not have heard the announcement, but their reaction hasn't gone down well with fans.

The Panthers' reserve grade players, pictured here reacting to Dylan Edwards winning the Clive Churchill medal.
Only the Panthers' reserve grade players reacted to Dylan Edwards winning the Clive Churchill medal. Image: Channel 9

"Dylan Edwards looking heart broken when not a single one of his teammates even looked in his direction when he won the CCM was so sad to see," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Especially when you compare the reaction they had when Cleary won it last year. Pathetic scenes."

Another wrote: "That video of Dylan Edwards waiting for some type of acknowledgment from his teammates when he got the CCM is sad as f***. Poor bastard."

A third added: "Watching back on the post game ceremony last night and the fact that when Dylan Edwards won the Clive Churchill medal his teammates didn't get around him and congratulate him but last year when Cleary did they all went crazy. Sad as f***. Dylan deserves better."

Others described it as "awful to watch" and "disgraceful".

Ivan Cleary heaps praise on Dylan Edwards

Panthers coach Ivan Cleary claimed a copybook covering tackle by Edwards summed up the Penrith fullback's commitment to his teammates after he was awarded the Clive Churchill Medal.

Leading 22-0 with an hour gone in the decider, Parramatta centre Bailey Simonsson made a clean break through the line but the desperate covering tackle from Edwards kept the Eels at bay.

"He's always been good at organising our defence but his tackling and try-saving this year has gone to a new level for us," coach Cleary said.

"I think last year was the real making of him.

"To put his hand up and say I'm playing, when we didn't think he would, if he can get through that he can get through anything.

"He totally deserves it. He's been doing it all year."

Dylan Edwards, pictured here addressing the crowd after winning the Clive Churchill medal.
Dylan Edwards addresses the crowd after winning the Clive Churchill medal. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The fullback ran for 228 metres with the ball and was critical to helping get the Panthers' sets off to the right start.

Edwards' teammates Nathan Cleary and Isaah Yeo laughed during the post-match press conference where the fullback defaulted to his understated and humble self.

"It's a bit surreal at the moment," Edwards said.

"It's credit to the rest of the team, they make my job easier.

"I'm lucky to be a part of this team, they're my brothers and I love going to work each week with this team.

"We worked hard for this and we will enjoy it. We wanted to make our community proud out there and hopefully we did that."

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