Panthers under fire over 'disgusting' scenes during NRL celebrations

Ivan Cleary, pictured here addressing Panthers fans alongside Api Koroisau, Mitch Kenny and James Fisher-Harris.
Ivan Cleary addresses Panthers fans alongside Api Koroisau, Mitch Kenny and James Fisher-Harris. (Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

The Penrith Panthers have come under fire over their 'classless' actions during grand final celebrations in front of fans at BlueBet Stadium on Monday.

The Panthers showed off the Provan-Summons trophy to around 3000 adoring fans who turned up to the club's home ground on Monday morning in the wake of their grand final triumph over Parramatta.

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However a number of players have left a sour taste in the mouths of fans and commentators with their actions during the celebrations.

A number of players could be seen joining in a chant of 'we hate Parra' that was started by fans, which kicked off after James Fisher-Harris declared the Eels 'are our sons'.

Jarome Luai had earlier told the Eels 'you can call us daddy' in reference to the western Sydney rivalry, and Fisher-Harris continued that trend on Monday.

"I just want to say - Parra are our sons. That's the facts," Fisher-Harris told the crowd.

"Everyone gone before us, much respect. But as I said last night - We are the greatest Penrith team ever."

It prompted chants of "We hate Parra" around BlueBet Stadium, with a number of players spotted joining in with the chant.

Outgoing hooker Api Koroisau also came under fire when he seemingly mocked his new club the Wests Tigers.

Koroisau has been forced to leave the Panthers due to salary cap troubles and will link up with the Tigers for next season.

When asked about the Panthers winning back-to-back titles, the hooker said "we'll probably do the same thing at Tigers" before bursting out laughing.

Panthers under fire over 'classless' celebrations

Speaking in the aftermath of the celebrations, NRL 360 panellists Paul Kent and Braith Anasta took aim at the Panthers' 'classless' comments.

“I love the fact that they’re having a good time and they’ve had a big night and having a drink, I’ve been there, it’s the best, you’re on top of the world,” Anasta said.

“But it was a bit tasteless and probably unnecessary. Just a couple of remarks there, probably unnecessary, but under the influence so cut them a bit of slack but probably not the best idea from Koroisau when he’s going there next year.”

Kent said the celebrations will take some shine off the Panthers' monumental achievements.

“It’s dumb, it’s really stupid to be honest. I just think Penrith are really bad winners, they are bad winners," he said.

“There’s a smugness and they piss in their own party, Penrith. Because they should be celebrated, this is going to be one of the great teams and they should be celebrated and remembered that way but they’re just mugs the way they carry on after a game.

Penrith Panthers players, pictured here celebrating in front of fans at BlueBet Stadium.
Penrith Panthers players celebrate in front of fans at BlueBet Stadium. (AAP Image/BIANCA DE MARCHI)

“Koroisau taking the mickey out of the Tigers who he’s about to join next year, where is the support and acceptance and acknowledgment of the previous Penrith teams.

“Fancy James Fisher-Harris coming out and saying we’re the best Penrith team ever. That’s the height of arrogance.

“Once the dust has settled and the result is in, weapons are down, show some humility and grace towards your opponents.”

Kent said coach Ivan Cleary or CEO Brian Fletcher should take some sort of action.

“Someone at Penrith, whether it’s Ivan Cleary or Brian Fletcher the CEO, they have to call these guys in and say ‘guys show a bit of class, just a little bit, show some grace and humility’... because not one shred has been shown so far," he said.

“Isaah Yeo and Dylan Edwards are the only ones you’d look at and can say can walk away with some kind of integrity from what they say. The rest just act like rat mugs.”

Fans were also unimpressed, hitting out on social media.

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