NFL coach ditches press conference after Tabasco mishap

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Dallas Cowboys defensive coach Mike Nolan had to leave a recent press conference after accidentally rubbing hot sauce in his eye. Pictures: Twitter
Dallas Cowboys defensive coach Mike Nolan had to leave a recent press conference after accidentally rubbing hot sauce in his eye. Pictures: Twitter

A media conference call involving Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan didn’t go well for the coach on Monday afternoon, though it provided fans with a perfect metaphor of how well the season is going for Dallas.

Nolan had to briefly step away from the call with reporters after accidentally getting hot sauce in his eye.

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The under-siege Cowboys defensive co-ordinator got Tabasco sauce on his fingers and then started rubbing his eye during the Zoom call.

That didn’t feel good.

Nolan returned about two minutes later after washing out his eyes.

He was asked what he was eating, but declined to provide any insight.

It didn’t appear that he was eating during the call, either, which raises the question as to how long the hot sauce was on Nolan’s finger before it made it to his eye.

The Cowboys, who fell to 2-5 after a brutal loss to the Washington Football Team on Sunday, have allowed a league-worst 243 points this year. This is Nolan’s first season with the team.

Naturally, given the state of the Cowboys, fans had a field day with the hot sauce incident on social media.

Cowboys fan goes viral after brutal NFL loss

Dallas Cowboys fans are doing it tough right now and one image perhaps sums up their plight, better than anything.

Already without injured superstar quarterback Dak Prescott, Dallas' 2020 took another painful turn in a chastening loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cowboys were trounced 38-10 to leave them 2-4 for the new campaign - their playoff hopes seemingly slipping away further and further by the day.

It was a hard loss to take for Dallas fans and head coach Mike McCarthy, who admitted post-game that he did not do his job well.

That admission will be a further dagger into the hearts of Cowboys supporters, who have found themselves becoming the butt of jokes for fans of rival teams.

Two Dallas fans in particular have become a global meme after sad images of them were beamed to TV screens around the world during ESPN's coverage of the Cardinals game.

The footage showed the couple sitting in the stands, with the girlfriend doing her best to cheer up her devastated boyfriend.

The man had his head in his palm and looked on the verge of tears as his partner tried her best to console her shattered beau.

One could go on and on describing how poorly Dallas played, but these pictures really do a perfect job of summing it up.

The Cowboys let around 25,000 fans into the stadium and all they got was a 38-10 loss and a chance to become a meme on Twitter.

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