Neymar humiliates defender with ridiculous turn

Barcelona superstar Neymar had Malaga defender Roberto Rosales questioning his very existence after leaving him flat on his back with an exquisite piece of skill.

Neither Barcelona nor Malaga managed to fire in their 0-0 draw, but Neymar certainly provided an incredible highlight.

The Brazilian received a lofted ball in the bottom corner of the box, controlling it with his back to goals before volleying it back over his head.

Neymar flicks it back over Rosales' head. Image: Fox Sports

Rosales, who was bearing down on Neymar, tried to change directions to chase his opponent, but slipped on the wet surface and ended up flat on his back.

His reaction was absolutely priceless, raising his arms towards the heavens as if to say 'why me?'

Poor bloke. Image: Fox Sports

The draw means Real Madrid now lead second-placed Barcelona by four points after the Catalans paid a heavy price for the absence of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.