'Crazy' detail in iconic photo of Michael Jordan from 1998

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Michael Jordan (L) and Chicago Bulls head coach Phil Jackson (R) Most Valuable Player trophy (L) and the Larry O'Brian trophy (R). (Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images)

‘The Last Dance’ has thrown Michael Jordan’s greatness firmly at the forefront of sports fans minds during the lack fo sport during the coronavirus pandemic, but following the final episode, fans have noticed and incredible detail in a famous photo that lives long in the memory of NBA fans.

The iconic photo, taken by NBA shooter Fernando Medina, was taken in the dying seconds of Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

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The Bulls trailed the Utah Jazz but an incredible shot from Jordan in the final seconds handed the legend his sixth title.

But fans are reminiscing the other ‘crazy’ details in the iconic photo.

Game 6 was played in Utah, but the iconic photo captures a snapshot of what Jordan faced with 6.6 seconds left on the clock as he released the ball.

But even more incredibly, eagle-eyed fans have once again praised the grandeur of the photo by pointing to the lone Chicago Bulls fan behind the basket.

The young child is also raising six-fingers as Jordan released the game-winning shot.

Many speculate the six-fingers pay homage to the sixth ring Jordan was about to win.

Medina explains ‘crazy’ Jordan image detail

But the photographer, Medina, recently told NBA.com that the spooky coincidence of the kid holding up six-fingers could represent so much.

“In the picture, see if you can find it, there’s a little boy wearing a black Bulls jersey and he’s got his hands up in the air. He knows that shot is going in,” he told NBA.com.

“There’s no doubt in his mind that the Bulls just won. That and a little serendipity on the clock, because with 6.6 seconds left on the clock … It’s his sixth championship, in his sixth try, he’s six-foot-six, it was in June.

“All these sixes, which is crazy about this picture. It really adds to it too.”

The image was rated as the greatest sport photo ever taken by Sports Illustrated in 2012.