Test your Chicago Bulls knowledge with our Last Dance quiz

Chris Young
·Sports Reporter
·1-min read
Michael Jordan is pictured during the 1998 NBA All-Star game.
After 10 episodes of the Chicago Bulls documentary 'The Last Dance', basketball fans are intimately acquainted with the story of Michael Jordan. (Photo by Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)

After five weeks of a steady diet of the best NBA the 1990s had to offer, the final episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance have been released.

Chronicling the Chicago Bulls’ final championship run in 1998 before the retirement of Jordan, coach Phil Jackson’s departure and the eventual trade of Scottie Pippen to the Houston Rockets, The Last Dance has captured the imagination of basketball fans across the globe - and maybe won a few new ones over as well.

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Hardcore NBA fans though, are known for their incredible attention to detail.

Whether or not you’re hoops genius or not, have a crack at our Last Dance quiz and see how much Bulls history you picked up from the series.