Neil Mitchell re-ignites feud with 'champion hypocrite' Eddie McGuire

Chris Young
Sports Reporter
Neil Mitchell has fired an extraordinary broadside at Collingwood president Eddie McGuire over his comments in the media about the Jack Steven stabbing. Pictures: Getty Images

Melbourne radio host Neil Mitchell has re-ignited an ugly feud with Collingwood president and media personality Eddie McGuire, labelling his long-time rival a ‘world champion hypocrite’.

Mitchell was unimpressed with McGuire’s calls for Geelong to make all the details of Jack Steven’s recent stabbing public, arguing the Collingwood boss would never apply the same standard to his own players.

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The long-time 3AW host said McGuire was unable to reconcile his dual roles as club president and media personality.

“Don’t anybody accuse Eddie McGuire of hypocrisy or that he’s behaving like a world champion hypocrite at the moment,” Mitchell said.

“Don’t accuse him of a conflict of interest or anything like that because he will go feral. After all, he’s ‘Untouchable Eddie’.”

McGuire’s counterpart at Geelong, Colin Carter, angrily hit back at McGuire’s suggestion the Cats should be upfront about what had happened to Steven late last week, suggesting the situation was ‘none of his business’.

Mitchell went on to argue McGuire had gone after Carter, who had pointed out what he said was an obvious ‘conflict of interest’.“Eddie said Geelong should just come clean on what happened with Jack Steven getting stabbed, just tell us what happened,” he said.

“Colin Carter responded pointing out there was a conflict between being a president of a club and a football commentator, which is painfully true and obvious often when Eddie opens his mouth, which is often.”

Neil Mitchell accuses Eddie McGuire of Collingwood double-standard

He then went on to bring up a previous feud he and McGuire had engaged in, comparing it to an incident in which several Collingwood players gave statements to police after a woman reported she was sexually assaulted in Melbourne on the night of the 2010 AFL grand final.

No Collingwood players were suspected of a crime, and the club refused to name those who had given statements - until Mitchell himself revealed them on radio.

“I’m intrigued he thinks Geelong should tell all. Ten years ago, several Collingwood players spoke to police after a woman alleged she was sexually assaulted. They weren’t suspects I want to make that very clear, they were not suspects,” Mitchell said.

“They weren’t accused of doing anything wrong but police thought they might be able to help with the events that allegedly unfolded at a function where they’d been present at one stage.

“The Collingwood club kept their names quiet, wouldn't tell anybody, I believe threatened media who released them that they could be banned from going to training.

“Well I got the names and I broadcast them and Eddie went after me and accused me of a disgraceful act publicly, he said what I did was irresponsible and possibly illegal and then the cliche of course a shameless grab for ratings.”